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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Trees,Etc.

The past 7-8 years, it has become tradition for my Mother and I to go Christmas Tree shopping together. We have gone several places and think we may have found the best place yet at this Christmas Tree Farm just north of town a ways. It turns out that it is where her sister who passed away last year, always got her tree. In fact, these kind folks Always had picked out just 'the perfect tree' for her each year and had it waiting for her. It did not take Mom long before she had 'just the perfect tree' picked out to grace her living room this Christmas.
It's always a fun outing as we tug on the branches to see if any needles fall, walk around it several times to see it's prettiest side, make sure it has spaces to let the ornaments dangle freely.
The height has to be just right as she holds her arm up and we make sure the tree is at least half a foot taller because we always must cut a couple inches off the bottom so the tree can drink.
And then there is circumference to consider. It has to be 'just right' to fit 'just perfect' in between the caribou antlers on the wall.
Who would have thought picking out a Christmas tree would involve such detail.

Marge, the tree lady, also an old classmate of mine, told us to take our time. Besides, the record amount of time picking out the 'perfect tree' was two hours. We did pretty good then, because it took us less than 1/2 hour to pick out not one but three trees.
One for Mom, one for me, and one 'little shaver' for the wee ones to decorate for the birds.

As tradition has earned, we always end our outing with tea at Mom's, the perfect warm-up. I have come to relish this special time with my Mom. We get a lot of catching up done in that short morning, even though we talk every day.

Also included in this post you will see a few of the outside decor at my house, some of which I have made....

This is my beautiful Mom- isn't she just the loveliest? I can only pray to look as spry and wonderful as she when I am 80 years young.
Oops, I got these next two pictures reversed---this is the one- a beauty of a balsam with a blue hue
Mom picking out her tree at the Treml Christmas Tree Farm
Home for the Holidays
Let it Snow
Keeping Frosty Company
The bird tree
Mr. BoughMan
One of our Guards


lil sis said...

Love the pics of Mom, thanks for
sharing. And love the blue lights too,
I see why you liked them. Cool snowman
wreaths... neat idea. We just brought our
singing Santa in the house and placed him
by the fireplace. Gotta love it.
Later gator, gonna go eat some pot roast,
seeing as Billy Boy's not here to make pancakes. lol

Cher' Shots said...

You write the best posts and post the best pics. Thanks once again for being you and doing what you do.

janet said...

I thought I was the only super picky tree shopper. I pity the poor kid that comes up to me at a tree farm and says" may I help you" he has no idea what he is in store for. Your home looks lovely!
Merry Christmas,

~mel said...

Why your real trees are about the same size as my fake. Love it! That's a great picture of Mom. I wish I was as photogenic as she is and my sisters are. Mr. Boughman is pretty cool... and he must be pretty big... is he hanging on the barn door?
Thanks for sharing!!

Dee said...

Your Mom is a beautiful lady. She looks so vibrant and happy. No wonder you girls turned out to be such wonderful ladies. :)

It sounds like you and Your Mom had a lovely time. It's such good fun to be able to get out and take your time, laugh & visit while shopping.

Your home decor is awesome so festive and fun. I like that sleigh too. I hadn't seen one of those in a few decades.

I really like the idea of a bird tree. It sounds like a helpful feeder for the birds and a great bit of extra cheer to make the Holiday season more special. Great idea!!!

Wishing you a Happy week of Holiday fun!

Dar said...

Thank You all for visiting and the kind words..

I cannot take credit for Mr. BoughMan...he hangs on the Treml Tree Farm barn...but I do hope to whip one up yet for my barn...I just love him.

Mom is a keeper isn't she? Thanks for the sweet words.
Merry Christmas to You All

Paula said...

Merry Christmas to you. Your decorations are lovely. Your Mom still looks so nice and I bet she is spry as can be. Isn't that the greatest?