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Saturday, December 5, 2009

about Pancakes & Can I Help?

I woke with the best of intentions this morning, but also with the worse backache in years. Pain shoots down both legs. No wonder my sleep was restless all night.

Well, while I loosened up in the shower, dear Hub decided to get breakfast on. I love when he cooks for me....usually. He makes the best omelets but he needed carbs this morning for his low glucose., so pancakes it is.

This just might be his idea of payback for the first time I attempted to make him potato dumplings.

When I got to the kitchen, I could not contain myself of laughter and grabbed the camera, of course. He had the most crumpled up, crumby buttermilk cakes on the plate...not very pretty.
I'm not complaining, they tasted great. But the cakes....I stood back while he complained about the pan sticking, and watched as he flipped the cakes one by one,... way too soon.
He took my laughing well as he told me to grab a plate and shut up and eat. ROFL
As I cleaned up the kitchen while he flipped his eggs, he said, "That's it, we're getting new pans."
LOL...I couldn't help myself, cause it was not the pan, it was the man behind the pancake turner.
That's O.K. tho, we can always use another good pan. LOL

I know, not nice to laugh. He started my morning off right and I greatly appreciate his making breakfast for me this morning.

But, come on, ya gotta admit, that pan and plate of cakes IS pretty funny.

Bless You Babe and

Blessings Be Yours


~mel said...

Tell Willy Bob Billy Jo Pancake Man he needs to use the griddle instead of a frying pan... isn't that why he bought it in the first place? I do applaud his efforts though! Thanks for the chuckle. I hope your back feels better ... bummer.

Dee said...

~~rofl~~ Way to go hubby!!! What a fun allstar try.
At my home, it would be just the reverse, I'm the bad cook and my husband is the chef. ;)

Thanks for sharing this fun breakfast with us. I enjoyed it very much!

I hope your back gets to feeling better soon. My healing thoughts and prayers are with you.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Paula said...

They are a little crowded in that pan but it was nice of him. Now who had to clean up the mess? If he did he's a keeper.

Dar said...

I'm Still laughing...especially since we have such a wonderful griddle in arms reach...
and Paula, I cleaned up out of pure sympathy...lol but I will Keep him anyway.
My back Is feeling better tonight. Just had to punish it a bit more with Aleve and lots of walking around grocery and Christmas Tree shopping. It was a good day indeed.

Cher' Shots said...

Oh yum, tell Wild Bill thanks for cooking for you ~ because now I know what we're having for breakfast!

lil sis said...

Slap some syrup on those cakes and
it's all good. Way to go, Willy...and
glad you're better Dar Sue.