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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rest and Relax

A Golden November Moon through the clouds
How I wish this was more clear, but taken at a distance of a Red and Gray Squirrels snacking with a Partridge who is behind the Gray
The view out my cabin window of the creek below the hill...
Yellow Birch nightshot
Whitebirch nightshot
Chatty little Red Squirrel....
How we hate to leave
Logs look good at night but need to be resealed inside and out
Nightshots are so reflective...gotta love it
I cannot believe I'm saying this but, I am So ready to strap on the snowshoes...

My love and I just got back from a couple of much needed days at the cabin...away from phones, TV, the noises of daily life...and back to the peace and quiet of the woods around us. The logs of the cabin insulate so well that we hear nothing if the windows are closed...but open them and we hear the squirrels and bluejays chattering, the partridge drumming, the turkeys scurrying through the dry fallen leaves, the deer eating an apple, the doves cooing, and the creek gently tumbling over the rocks. Nothing else, just the life of the woods. To me, nothing is more relaxing. Rarely do I watch and listen to the wildlife without taking a nap and hearing a deer bolt away because of my snoring. It was a particularly calm and beautiful, but cool couple of days.
The cribbage games were competitive and the plans we are making for changes at the cabin are starting to reach the paper-scratching stage. I took time to write in my journal and was shocked to see it had not been done for over 2 years. That was dreadful to think our lives have been so busy and hectic that we have not taken our usual R & R more often...that will change.
Hope you enjoy the journey of a few pictures I captured, just for fun, most of which are night shots, experimenting again so excuse the clarity or lack of it.
Blessings Be Yours


janet said...

Hello Dar..how on earth did you ever find me??? I'm glad you did, as I have enjoyed strolling around your WI. property. Love the first moon pic...very cool. Thank you for your kind comments.
your friend,
PS...now go write something in that journal!

Paula said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your cabin is in a peaceful looking area. I've never lived anywhere but south texas so I enjoy the glimpses of cold and pretty land here in the blogs.

Dee said...

I love squirrels and the critters of the woodlands. They're so whimsical and fun. Sweet!

That's a beautiful cabin. Sounds like a peach of a place to go to kick back and relax.

I know what you mean about time getting away from you. It's amazing how fast it passes without our taking the time to realize it... lol I hope that made sense.

I've enjoyed this journey with you. Thanks so much for sharing your enjoyable photos and thoughts. :)

Wishing you a pleasant and restful rest of the week!

April said...

Wonderful pictures and description of your cozy cabin in the woods. The moon looks lovely.