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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Past


Once a witch, Always a witch
Clownin Klauz, Aargh Pirate, KAT
Cutzie the Clown
Apple Bopping....hurts the teeth
Dracula and his X
GypsyGirl, Klauz the Clown, Cowpunch, Cross-Dresser Davida, Mamma Grillalana
Cowpunch, The Good Witch, Clowner, Mean Puppy, Ghostly Girl
Lean Coooleen

BugsEeeGGrandma with Piggy and MummyGuy
Nut Farm visitors
Thought this was fun but was so bummed not to find the Dix's Party pics....hope you enjoyed the laughs.......
Blessings Be Yours


~mel said...

Oh my gosh ~ you really did some digging in the archives! Some of these pictures are some real oldies ~ thanks for sharing the memories. That one of Lana just freaks me out! She sure did love Halloween. David the cross dresser.. LOL!!! Was he suppose to be Marilyn Monroe?? You'll have to show these to Linda and ask her what she was thinking. This was a fun post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Where's the Squirrel? LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh and Dusty in the Red Dress!

Dee said...

~~rofl~~ Soooo coool! I love these fun memories and pictures that you're sharing. Sweet! :D

Wishing you a fun week of smiles!