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Friday, October 16, 2009


It has been a trying week....still working on the last of the harvest....late ripening tomatoes and of course, more apples....when the spare refrigerator that holds produce and meat, decides to bite the dust...I am so glad I did not peel and core that 5 gallon bucket of apples yet, because they would have had to go in the freezer....WHY?my chest freezer is full to the top with veggies, fruit, and 1/2 a piggy...
Also, since we dug our well a week ago, we have very iron-filled water to the point of rusty, smelly water....not something I wish to can with or put into my jars of carrots, potatoes, and apples....so, so much for those spiced apples today....I will, however, make them with cider instead, and who, knows, I may be onto something fantastic because of the natural sugar in the cider, I will not have to add any extra, healthier, right???
I did manage to make 6 qts. of the best tomato juice that is thick enough for sauce and, WoW, tastes sooo good...all it consists of is a little salt on the tomatoes, run them through the mill after cooking for 20 minutes, lemon juice in the jar at processing time and that's it. I can taste it already amongst a celery stick in a glass with ice, a shot of vodka, a little tobasco, abit of Worchestershire, celery salt around the rim.....mmmmmm, sure gonna make a mean Bloody Mary Morning.
All that's left to do, is to get rid of this cold....I give it another day or two, take a Menard's run for a filter system for the iron in the water, and enjoy my visit with the grands this weekend....5 of the 13 will be home so we will carve pumpkins, decorate for Halloween for them, and bake something yummy for the tummy and the soup for the soul.
Have a great Blessed weekend my family and friends.

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Cher said...

It is such a fulfilling time of year! Seeing the shelves and freezers filling up and already anticipating the flavors exuding from our hard work come mid winter. It's a warm fuzzy feeling :)