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Monday, October 19, 2009

Harvest 09 Complete

My Grandson Syrus-look closely and you can see he wrote his name in dominos

I've been putting up the gardens all fall and after one more bushel of tomatoes today, I'm done.
The shelves are full of beautiful canned goods from maple syrup, sauces, relishes, veggies, juices, salsas and fruits, our 106 yr. old basement, as it is, has been cleaned 90 %, and we are feeling a healthy satisfying exhaustion. Our grandson, Syrus, helped to fill the shelves as well as the jars as he was the one squeezing applesauce, stomping saurkraut, picking tomatoes, and licking the foam from the jelly spoon. He is going to be quite the gardener some day. He sure loves to help and does such a wonderful job. We wish you all a glorious sunshiny day and God's Blessings be yours.


Cher said...

That rug sure makes it hard to pick out Syrus'name! Your pantry looks great!

lil sis said...

Mercy, I can't wait to get down in your basement again...
nothing like good home grown food. Taste better than
store bought any day of the week! Way to go - making use of
the earth the good Lord blessed you with.
Gotta love it.
love ya, me