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Monday, October 26, 2009


There is fungus amongst us by the creek resembling Crowded ParchmentsSnow covered
Just a cool picture
These ladder all the way to the top of this dead wood and are beautiful to see having a buff underside, perhaps from the polypore family of 'shrooms'
A lone fern defying the cold weather
We have quite a cluster of mushrooms growing on the dead trees by the creekside...it was a nice surprise on my walk to find something besides the early snows in the woods...
Have a Blessed Day Til our next visit...


Anonymous said...

There's a tree like that, just down the hill on the main trail, heading over to the farm. I keep telling myself to take the camera down there and take some shots. So do you think we'll get our Indian Summer yet this year? It's suppose to warm up a bit yet this week. I sure hope so. Almost all of the snow is melted off already. I'm just not quite ready for the long cold winters that we have to endure.

Dar said...

Mel,I Hope So...we sure had a short fall if we Don't get our Indian Summer...always my favorite time of the year. I have to cut a few boughs for my wreaths and some garland, but threw a curve to my back, so, let's keep our fingers crossed for that warm weather to warm my joints enough for a few more outdoor projects...go take your fungus pics, so we can compare varieties. I do love the smell of all the wet leaves right now...love the smell of fall, period. Have a good one

Cher said...


Dee said...

What a neat grouping of fungus/mushrooms growing up a tree... perhaps they were planted there by trooping faeries to make climbing the tree easier. ;)

I enjoyed your photos very much. I don't think I've ever seen snow on laying on that type fungus/mushroom before.

Wishing you a lovely rest of the week!