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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh, Say Can You See...
Woodpeckers Home by Phlox

Black-Eyed Susan

Yellow Hollyhock Shadows
Yellow Begonia
Under the Tiger's Eye
Thanks for the Tiger Lily Mom
You will ALWAYS find Jewelweed (Spotted Touch-Me-Nots) by something that pokes, itches, or burns you.......in this case, Stinging Nettle that found it's way behind my barn......it MUST be destroyed....

my mossed ol' fence......love it......the big guy wants me to tear it down.....I don't think s0

front side of the ol' fence loved by flowers and weeds, birdhouses and old twig broken down lattice that will be replaced or at least, mended by spring
Just thought I'd share the walk around the yard to check out the last of the flowers and green before the frosty weather.....it was so cold the last 2 nights but we may get an Indian Summer yet....it is supposed to warm up into the upper 70's, even 80 by the end of the week....we can hope...Enjoy the walk.....we will walk again soon....Bless ya'll

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Cher' Shots said...

I loved my stroll around the yard with you. The fence has "earned" its place on your property. It simply must STAY ~ there, now you have my vote!