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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sustenance After Labor

Nothing like a sweet tomato sandwichyummm
or Roast Chicken hot out of the oven

after many hours of canning tomatoes, tomatoes, stewed tomatoes

Way to go my Man

2 Bushel of tomatoes lookin pretty
This is what we labored at for about 5 hours yesterday but OH so worth it....we got 31 1/2 qts. of canned tomatoes and 14 pts. of stewed tomatoes.......ready for a cold winter and lots of chili, tomato soup, stews, veggie soups, bruchetta, and even jam and juice......the fresh ones were like eating sunshine....and the smell, wish you could smell them while we were working with them...Bill just came in and said only 1 qt. did not seal......so I will use it today or reseal the jar...
I love the harvested product but the work to get there is getting more difficult. I still enjoy the excitement of putting food on the shelf for the winter. What I can do without, is the firey backache after......so goes. That must be why they call it 'labor' intensive. It feels like the ache before the babes were born.......LOL So, like Bill always says when a project is complete, " The baby is born., so what's next??
You all have a wonderful, rewarding, 'labor intensive' week.......it hurts so good.


Cher' Shots said...

Yum, yum, yum ~ Oh yummy!
Looking good and oh so worth it come winter.
What a great production line you had set up.

lil sis said...

I can almost taste the freshness from here.
There's not much better in this world than
a bite of a fresh tomato and not much worse
than biting into a bad one - yuck!
Enjoy all the great meals you'll be having
and save a jar for me!