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Thursday, August 20, 2009

'A Whooper of a Melon'

We have another gardener in the family....my little 2 yr. old grandson loves to pick the green beans and carry them in his mouth, but refuses to eat one....LOL...
My 6 yr. old grandson tells me to hurry and take the picture....'This is getting heavy, Grandma'.

Thought I'd share my melon with you....it weighed 10 1/2 lbs., measured 29 1/2 inches around stem to stem and 27 inches around its belly....and was very juicy, with flesh as bright orange as a harvest moon....yum yum. I wish I could have claimed to have grown it...but, my generous neighbor is always bringing fruit, veggies, chocolate milk and root beer for my babygrands....so thanks Gene


Cher' Shots said...

Those are the kind I grew when I lived in Missouri. They are SOOOOOOOO good. Great job there Buddy, holding it until Grandma got the picture!

the Baitlady said...

I bet Genie picked that melon up by the Amish or the Mennonite stand in Athens??

Dar said...

Nope Mel, it came from the farmers market stand at SouthSide from a fella who comes up from Waupaca....same place we got the 10 doz. ears of corn.....yummmm...Sy said his arms were 'screaming, put that mussmelon down'