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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'Of Tire Swings & Hammocks'

Oh how I remember the swing. My brothers and sisters, all 9 of us, used a board swing, meaning a board with a groove cut out each side to slide onto the rope that hung from the tree.
That swing provided hours of fun, immagination and relaxation...we never had a hammock that I can remember.
Three of my dozen BabyGrands are having a blast making memories on Grandma's homemade hammock and of course, the tire swing...
Originally, I made this hammock and one other for our cabin but just HAD to bring one home for my wee ones to play on.
My best times on the swing was hanging my head back and watching the leaves dance above me and the clouds sailing by. Sweet. Though I also could not get enough of the higher, higher pushes so I could jump off. Ouch if I landed wrong...or my twin twisting me round and round, letting go so I would twirl in circles until the dizzies started...LOL...Fun Stuff.
We cannot forget to mention the many, many times we would pull each other up on the hay rope in the mow of the barn, high in the air, to the peak, and then swing and hang from our legs and ankles like circus performers....Oh, if our Mother ever knew......
And THAT'S what memories are made of...


Dee said...

Awww, I want a tire swing too. You have Such wonderful memories and loving experiences.
What precious little smiles on happy glowing faces. Your grandbabes are adorable. :)
it's happy moments like these that will stick with children forever. I love it!
Thanks so much for sharing this nostalgic and fun part of your heart. Sweet!

lil sis said...

I lOVED our swings and the hay mow rope swinging from
pole to pole and Randy and I even swung out the little window we use to throw the hay out the back side.... oh yeah, we would have been in trouble
if the folks would have walked in! Thanks for more great memories.
Love the pics, and boy is Riley's hair getting light! I thougt hers
was dark like her moms.
Love ya much - later girlie-

Cher' Shots said...

Last summer when our oldest Grandloves spent a week, Grandpa hung a tire swing in our huge Maple tree. They "LOVED" it.
Isn't it wonderful watching them make their own memories and at the same time refreshing ours!