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Thursday, August 27, 2009

'A New Day'

The sky is blue as the bachelor buttons today, the sun is shining on us, the temperature is a wonderful 65* and we already had our morning walk at 8 a.m. Hubby got his wheels back today and is happy as a clam that missed the clambake. We are hoping for a more productive 'attitude' day. We had a long talk last night and hope to grow old together....we are 3/4th the way there so the rest should be easy, right? We are taking a much needed drive over the weekend for relaxation and a laugh or two with Cher and Thom. All you followers, things do change drastically with your emotions when trama happens in your family, as, I know, you all have experienced personally at one time or another. We are finding how important it is to take a second breath before reacting...something that is tough for me sometimes. I need to learn how to NOT wear my heartstrings on my sleeve...

May you all have a blessed and hugged day...


Dee said...

I love hearing of you & your hubby's heart to hearts. It's so sweet and such a blessing that you two connect and care for each other so dearly. I can't imagine the frightening time you went through. It definitely does put an entire new perspective on life. You speak volumes of truth. Thank you for sharing beautiful positive inspirations.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend of rest relaxing & be sure to have some fun too. ;)

Cher' Shots said...

Dar & Bill,
Yes, life takes on a new meaning and the little things become so trivial; when one day you are fine and suddenly you land in a hospital and you realize your own mortality.
Drive safe and enjoy the scenery on your way over. We are looking forward to your visit.
Love yas!