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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"God is Good"

There is a memorial today to place my sister and her husband in their final resting place on 'earth'...One would not think of this as God being Good, but, oh it is.
Both of them suffered long, difficult illnesses but, oh, how they loved life and their family. Some say they had no quality of life.,but this is so untrue...their quality was spent in every waking moment being spent with their loving children and grandchildren. Seldom was a frown seen, only laughter and song, smiles on their faces for everyone who entered their home full of love.
On her last day, Lana was seeing swans swimming on the river in the middle of a cold February day. God blessed her with this vision, not a doubt in my mind. She was happy. I know she knew she was going to be with the love of her life, Danny.
So, it is only fitting, that, today, what would have been their 36th Anniversary, that they should lay down before our Lord in their final resting place on this earth.
God Blessed you both Lana and Danny.....
Loveya, Missya, Hugya, Kissya


lil sis said...

Such a beautiful picture to symbolize such beautiful
spirits. Knowing this was their anniversary makes
today even more special. We were blessed to have them
both in our lives and will cherish memories made with
them forever.
God Bless - love you-me

the Baitlady said...

I'm happy that this commital service is going to take place. Putting the urns into a plot in the cemetery with a headstone is what Lana wanted. That day she died and was telling me about the swans she was seeing swimming on the river was so serine. Of course, she was laying in a hospital bed and there were no swans; but this is what she was envisioning at the end. She also was telling me about all the people that she could see waving at her. Motioning her, I'm sure, that it was time for her to join them. I pray that when my time comes; I have visions like she did. It was all so calm and tranquil.
Colleen: that picture Dar has on here is the scrapbook page that I made. Those pictures of Lana and Danny were the portraits that were done for their funerals.

Dar said...

Sorry Mel, I should have mentioned your page that I borrowed but knew you would not mind...thanks. And, yes, closure is finally going on today for those kids...and all of us.
I, too, hope for a peaceful ending on this earth. Everytime I see swans, I will think of her.

lil sis said...

Dar - love the pic of the swan and Mel, the collage of Lana
and Danny - both are surreal... tender and from the heart.

Cher said...

Beautifullly done!
and life goes on ...
and one day we will all be reunited, as long as we believe ~ Faith alone in Christ alone!