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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The ' S ' has Returned

I guess all I can say is...Dag Nabbit !!!
 Yes, you're seeing it, all right ~ that nasty white stuff.
Bill didn't even get his easy chair off the deck yet.
 Just a couple days ago, 
 we were enjoying the beautiful scenery across the road and
the gorgeous Sugar Maple in our yard around the treehouse and the barn.  Woe is me :/
 My favorite tree by the cabin no longer sports it's
Red Coat.  I'd much rather see these vibrant colors we've been blessed with the past couple weeks than ~~~
 THIS.  Go away ' white stuff falling from the sky.'
BUT, on the brighter side...
I've once again dragged out the canning supplies, 
 you know, all the things that make life easier for this domestic diva and her dear hubby.
 In the past two days, I've whipped out 51 pints of Raspberry Jelly, 18 pints of Pickled Beets,
5 pints of Pickled Carrots, 11 quarts of Canned Apples ready for pie, and another 7 quarts and one more pint of Applesauce.
Phew, I'm tired but it's a good tired...a feeling of accomplishment.  Next time I will show you what else we did this week.  We feel like little squirrels and the birds, storing food for a long winter...so we've been told.
THAT, I'm not quite ready for tho.
So it goes in our great north woods where we happily choose to make our home.  The changing of the four seasons is actually quite OK with me.

Have a great weekend.  I'm going to snuggle under the workings of a warm shawl with my crochet hook and some yarn.  What are you going to do?  Whatever it may be, may it make you happy.


Bonnie K said...

I am so jealous of the raspberry jam. We had no berries this year. Ours grow on 2 year canes and the blizzard last year broke them down. Happy canning.

jack69 said...

Bonnie is the outdoors guy in North Carolina. The down to earth kind and is a smart person about them animals and growing thangs like y'all up in the North woods.
You hav shown some great color this entry I can't get over the RED tree. Beautiful.
The canning always takes me back to my youth and mama's work in the fall.
AND THEN THE WHITE COLOR! WOW Imma thinking Bro. Bill is gonna be CCCCOLD in that easy chair.. (smile)

Paula said...

Well we're feeding cows every day down this part of the country. It's okay 'cause like you this is where we choose to live and pay the price when it doesn't rain enough. The little calves antics make it worth while.

TexWisGirl said...

WAY too early for that white stuff!

Sara S. said...

Your trees and canned goods look amazing. As for the nasty snow pics ... yuck, eewww, get rid of that crap. It's way too early for it. It was great talking with you yesterday. Love and miss ya!

Chatty Crone said...

I don't don't what to say - the red leaves gorgeous. The snow gorgeous. The food you canned gorgeous. But i bet the truth is you are exhausted! That is a lot of hard physical work!