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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

' The Hunt '

Are you one that is driven by ' The Hunt?'
 This past spring, I had the honor of scouring throughout 
an old barn.  There were treasures everywhere like weathered old doors like the one leaning above, inside a barn stall.
There were a number of antiquated chairs, each with their own charm, barn charm, in this case.  I'm partial to the blue one.
 Look who caught the corner of my eye...
well disguised on a fallen leaf as I walked by him
trekking through the woods.  Was he hunting too, for a place to burrow into the mud for the winter?
 OK, back to ' the hunt.'  Lying on the loft floor of the old barn was half a round table top that will later be made into a side table.
 What do you think ~ a trap door or a hay hole cover?
One thing I knew for sure, I loved it, especially the handle.
 These are old piano panels, left to be re-purposed, I suppose.
The keys and inner workings of the piano were later found all charred on a burn pile.  What a pity.
 On another ' hunt,' this beauty of a woodstove was found.
Bill helped to lift and load it later, for it's trip to a new home.
Notice the door ~ angels or eagle's wings, mountains and trees ? 
Inside the door of this grand primitive stove was a thick roll, I mean thick, roll of money that went with the stove.  Hmmm.
  My guess ~ a test of trust.
Back in the barn were more treasures such as these 
cross-glassed windows. I'm in love.  
 Mirrors are always a great find., especially when they are
plate-glassed.  They still are the most treasured to me....
heavy, strong, long-lived.  This one came off an old dresser.
Even antique re-bar can be re-purposed into something useful.
Tho none of these items came home with me,
I know they will all be put to good use sooner or later.
I simply enjoy ' The Hunt.'

Thanks for hanging around while I turned a few antiques over and checked them for sturdiness, usefulness and charm.

Maybe, just maybe, 
my next hunt, I'll bring something home to work on.
For now, I have plenty of projects in my own barn
that need dusting off and enjoyed in our home.

Enjoy ' The Hunt ' if that's how you roll.
Until next time, keep it wonderful, fun and safe.


Buttons said...

Oh I love your hunt and I am thinking some of those would have come home with me:) Hug B

Shug said...

This was truly a great hunt and I enjoyed all of it. My goodness...I sure saw some great treasures! Pure sweetness!! Next time you go on a HUNT like this....be sure to take me with you...

jack69 said...

I do not get the chance often, but the few times, WHAT A THRILL. It is always good to travel thru 'time' with you. Love your imagination. I am not quite a skilled at it, but I was seeing finished projects with several pictures. LOVED them.
THANKS! (Now git to your barn! SMILE, LOVE!)
Love to Brother BILL also...

Gail said...

Lots of treasures! I enjoy the hunt.

Paula said...

What fun! My deceased husband and I went on one of these. We looked like the Real McCoys when we left with his truck loaded down. We had wheels to decorate with and part of an old wagon to make a planter out of. Too old and sick to do that anymore but the memories are there.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness you do have the eye for things. You see such value and I might have missed it to be honest. You are like the American Pickers - have you ever watched them?

Cher' Shots said...

LOVE the stove! But then I love re-purposing old treasures. Great finds.
'love & hugs from afar'

Bonnie K said...

I got goosebumps looking at your finds. What fun! I also love the hunt. What a beautiful stove. They look like trees and mountains to me. Was there really money in it? How strange. I enjoyed seeing your finds. I can't wait to see you make new of the old. Thanks for sharing.

TexWisGirl said...

a roll of money left in the stove? odd! i like the blue chair, too. :)

Dee said...

That was fun....