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Monday, July 14, 2014

Fight's On ~ With Mosquitoes

We've been so busy  this summer.  How bout you?  
 It's hard to believe that a few weeks have already passed since our TX trip but it has.  We still hadn't fished so we took a day off from catching up with the weedy gardens and decided to ' wet a line.'  Down the steep steps to the shoreline of Crowley Dam we went, only to be terrorized by the mosquitoes~and were they ever vicious.   No one was having any luck along the dam, 

 so we moved down the river further to Mom & Dad's old fishin' hole to see if we'd have any better luck.  Well, the mosquitoes were so large, we could see the wood ticks catching rides on their backs.  Mercy, they were terrible and biting hard...the mosquitoes, that is!
 Finally, a couple lines wiggled enough to create a little excitement for the Texans.  One small catfish, one small bass, both CAR's (Catch and Release).  They let them go to grow up as big as their Grandpa's...maybe next year they will be keepers.
 The Bald Eagle across the river in the tree top kept an
' eagle eye ' on the lines as well, in hopes of an easy meal.
 The mosquitoes began to die down now that we had the long grasses trampled which stirred them up so awful when we first arrived.  The crew decided they would hold out til sunset, never another wiggle tho.
 It was still as it should be, with good conversation, good folks, relaxing and fun and jokes to pass the time on a beautiful afternoon.  What more could we ask for really,  except~
 a breath-taking sunset on the Flambeau River where we all learned to fish as kids with our folks.  Life is good~
thanks to God above.
  It's time to get back in the gardens but ~ now, about all the rain, Lord, we sure could use some warm sunshine to dry out the gardens enough to weed them.  I know You're on top of things and I thank You for all your love and patience with me.  I can always depend on Your tender love to get me through Your training program in my life while I whip around like a cane of climbing roses in the wind about to break.  As I get back on my knees to weed, I will remember how personal and humble a chore that is.  I'm reminded of how praying maintains my personal relationship with You.  ...  Amen


Paula said...

I've been wanting to tuck some dryer sheets into my pockets for mosquitoes. Don't have a lot of faith in it but I'll try it once.

jack69 said...

I have no idea what 'whups' mosquitoes, but I know they are vicious. All in all it is nice to be thankful, lovely prayer.

We hit the road today for New York and the Catskills. I hope you did not sent the mosquitoes there. HA!

It is good you can still enjoy life, even with the annoyances..
Love ya!!! Hugs to Friend Bill.

Michelle said...

That is some beautiful scenery. Sorry you had such a hard time with the mosquitoes!

Shug said...

those pestering mosquitoes have been horrible this year. We too have had more rain than what we usually get in the Summer months. Of course, down here in East Texas....we will take all we can get. Sounds like a fun day for you all. Beautiful pictures..

E.C. said...

Mosquitoes are so awful. It's great you all didn't let them ruin your day. You all certainly were blessed with beauty all around and that handsome Eagle is one of the most majestic creatures one could see.
Thanks for sharing your mosquito fighting, trekking, fishing and truly nature loving photos with us.

Dee said...

I agree with you...the mosquito's are horrible....as are the fly's. You get bit and scratch for two days. Ugh. Beautiful place to fish....

Dylan Leighton said...

That is correct, the mosquito's are terrible up there. I was just up there for the 4th of July week by my cabin. especially the bugs are bad by the Crowley dam.

Cher' Shots said...

You sure rekindled a bunch of memories again. Thanks.
'love & hugs from afar'

Cicero Sings said...

I must say, our own mosquitoes are almost non existent this year ... once we hit July. My neighbour, however, discovered bats in her belfry!!! So perhaps that is the answer. Swallow boxes and bat condos. Carry them along with. LOL