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Thursday, June 12, 2014


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 The deck finally has colors other than snow white!
I love my copper kettle full of red, white and blue.

 Million Bells have become one of my favorite annuals.  They come in a ray of colors but for me, all are great.  The brewery box on the corner is full of orange, white and reds that need no tending other than a drink of water.
Deep purple, more red and bright yellow are on the picnic table with a home for chickadees....or maybe a tree frog will make this his humble abode. 
 The faded child's trike is parked in the succulent garden
with chives and a Wren-sized nesting box.  For all I know, there could be tiny imaginary beings with magic powers dancing within.
Most recently our resident doe and one of her fawns were playing chase at the edge of the field until ' little one ' wore out and just wanted to rest a bit before carrying on. 
 That very afternoon Ms. Turkey strutted through the yard, in a hurry to get from one edge of the lawn to another.  We never did see any of her chicks as yet.  I wondered if it was the turkeys or the deer that were knocking the cherub and the birdbath over each night.  Lo and behold....it was....
 not the deer or the turkeys but it was this little rascal, 
Ms. Raccoon.   No wonder the birdseed would disappear and the water would be gone or tipped out of the bird's
bath and drinking water.  She sure is cute but such a rascal!
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Totally unrelated to any of the animals or flowers in this segment, but worth mentioning, is this bag of change.
Do you keep your change in jars, etc?  How much do you think that bag of money weighs and what is the total amount weighing-in?

With that weighing on your mind, I wanted to let you know that I will be taking a road trip for a while and departing from blogging during that time.  I think I have just enough to get me to my destination and maybe back home again.  When I return, I will share some of my activities and sites.  Until then, 
have a most wonderful time smelling the roses and playing~
I'm going to.


Dicky Bird said...

Nice pictures. Enjoy your vacation.

jack69 said...

That is about 48.5 lbs. Well it is a guess right? Love the pictures and the color is great. Shirl is having trouble with a coon in the day time betting the Bird feed.

Take care and have fun. Come back when you can.

Love from North Carolina

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy trails! Your porch plants are so cheerful.
D saves change in jars, never weighed it, but we did use it to pay for a vacation once.

Shug said...

I'm guessing about 20 lbs....which amounts to about $150.00 dollars!!?? Such beautiful pics of things around your place.. Hope you enjoy the perfect vacation and hope you have tons of fun!!
Will miss you, but have a good time.

Dee said...

Your deck is adorable...love that trike with the bird house on it. The raccoon is adorable and YES they are stinkers LOL...have a safe a fun road trip...don't forget your camera :)

Muffy's Marks said...

Your flowers and the containers are awesome. Love the trike!!