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Monday, June 2, 2014

Go Ink~

It has been raining, I've seen all Bill's westerns at least twice, so 
 since the pen and paper were right there, why not try a little sketching.  I flipped through a few garden magazines and 
gave it the ol' college try.
 Pretty sloppy, and I kept falling asleep so there are 
many errors in ink, lines where they do not belong.
 I was going to highlight in colored pencil,
but I rather like these ' black and whites.'
 I'm hoping I can still do this after my nerves get
released of their pinches.  I do love to sketch.
It seems I always want more...
like being able to do this from memory rather
than looking at a flower or a picture of one.
Maybe if I get to heaven, it will come to fruition.
By then there will be no need to satisfy personal wishes.

Have a wonderful week.
Get out and don't forget to smell the roses~
and the lilacs.


Paula said...

I like them all but my favorite is the last one.

Buttons said...

Wow you are really good at sketching. Hug B

Susan said...

I think your ink drawings are just beautiful. Such lovely subjects too.
No matter if lines go where they perhaps don't belong - that just adds to their uniqueness. I read somewhere that if you want an exact reproduction, take a photo :D)
Thanks for sharing your art.

Chatty Crone said...

Your talents are amazing. And it is not maybe when you get to Heaven - it is when you get in Heaven.

Dicky Bird said...

Nice drawings. Now I see where Syminda gets it from.

jack69 said...

I envy (in a nice way) your talent for sketch and drawing. The works at the Cabin were impressive in the wood. I do love black and white at times, you actually look at the lines rather than color and back ground.

You knowledge of the flora is always amazing.

Love to Brother Bill and THOU of course.

Michelle said...

You are quite talented!

www.farmhousestyleliving.blogspot.com said...

You are very talented! Great job!

Dee said...

Your ink drawings are great...keep it up