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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

We left for 3 days and 
came home to a meltdown.  The snow in our
field has gone down 18 inches and we can see
open ground in the fields,YEAH!!!

I spent a good share of today outside.  The warm
air felt so good on my shoulders.  I found bits
of sedum outside of it's rock bed.  Yes, the ground
was soft enough to gently nudge them out of the 
ground and place them back where they belong.

I slowly walked to the mailbox for today's magazines
and only one bill...I'm elated!  As I returned to the house,
the long way, going around to the deck side, I couldn't 
resist checking each flower bed to see if there were any
brave buds peeking their noses through the ice and water that still puddles around them.  They are coming, slowly.  

It was the best day, even with the sprinkles we had early in the morning, to awaken my restless spirit.  Since the ground is soft, it's still too muddy to get too anxious about planting, but 
Spring Is Here Afterall!  The Robins are hopping around, and singing with the tree filled finches and chickadees.  We saw a couple yearling deer for the first time since early winter.  They are healthy as they run and kick up their heels.  They've been trimming my apple trees, so, it's never too early to re-secure the wire cages that protect them.

On our road trip, we finally gave up on the mesh fencing we have been using for years to keep the deer out of our gardens.  Instead, we bought roll after roll of mesh wire.  That will keep the deer out and they will not be running through it.  We will be cutting cedar posts first, peeling them and sinking them deep in the ground to secure the wire to.  
Then, a nice gate....I have my eye on a few favorites I found on the web world.
 I happen to have all but one of these garden tools, but I could always improvise and Bill will do the welding.  I do love this one.  It's so ' me,' but it is a bit ' sharp.'
 I have an old iron wheel frame so could go with this beauty.  I can see the Hollyhocks, Clematis and Roses loving it...
the split-rail fence below is the one I will probably end up with.  We have plenty of cedar in our woods so it's also free!
Which one is your favorite?
I'm getting excited.  I already have a path worn from the house to the gardens, worn in from years of footwork to the business of gardening and harvesting.  All I need is a gate!

Have a weekend full of spring adventure!
Life is So Good!
Thanks for stopping and making me smile!


jack69 said...

Well the joy of SPRING comes through BIG TIME! so glad for you, I like a plain gate. Of course no one could resist the tool gate or the giant circle... But the plain for me.

It all sounds great, especially "ONLY ONE BILL", well actually you always got ONE BILL! And we all like him!
Take care and BE PATIENT! That must be the pass word every year in the north wood.
Love from South Carolina

Shug said...

Happy Spring to you!!! I think all three gates are sweet, but my fav would actually have to be the last one.....the plain gate made of post! It's just my style.
Keep us posted on which one you choose...

Dicky Bird said...

I know - glorious spring! I have stuff popping up too. Yay

Buttons said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the implement gate very very cool. Hug B

Sheila Y said...

I like the garden tool gate also...but could be a tad dangerous. :-) May your spring be here to stay! Sheila

Sheila Y said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~mel said...

Did you buy the heavy duty stuff like we put up around the garden at the farm? You'll be so much happier with the wire mesh for sure versus the netting. The deer might not like the change. lol So when are you going to stir up some hypertufa and make a bunch of stepping stones to go on the path from your drive to the gate?? I'm getting itchy for spring and stirring up a batch of hypertufa!

Susan said...

Yay, I can feel your excitement Dar!
Happy gardening :D)
I love that middle photo of the gate.

Chatty Crone said...

What is that a picture of - looks like a cabbage - so beautiful!!

I can feel your excitement about your garden as well. I know you can't wait to get in the garden and work.

I like the middle fence the best - but the wooden one is pretty too.

The snow once it decided to go - went up and went.

Paula said...

I like the first gate a lot but think the third would be more practical and it looks nice. Is that plant called Hen and Chickens? It sure is pretty.

Bonnie K said...

Ah spring projects! I love the garden tool gate and the split rail fence. Enjoy the good weather.

Dar said...

re: everyone:
I think there will be two gates going up...to be continued----

Cher' Shots said...

Your spring is arriving a little ahead of ours :( Happy for you though. We had snow yesterday morning but it then turned to rain :) Happy Spring Sis,
'love & hugs from afar'

E.C. said...

~happy dance~ There's nothing like the first glimmer of Spring to set our spirits soaring.
Congratulations on finally catching a break with the weather.
I like all the fences, so your choice will be my favorite too. lol

Dee said...

Yay...happy your snow has melted away....I love that first fence...if you have the tools I say go for it...Have a blessed Easter...with lots of sunshine. Hugs from Dee

TexWisGirl said...

love, LOVE your gate!!! SO cool!

enjoy your spring!