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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Break Dance

 There is always some kind of excitement around here.
Our son, Stac, ( the Bobcat operator above ),
drove over with his tractor on the trailer....
oh boy, what this time?
 Apparently a bolt broke, causing the front tire to fall off...
not good~as it also proceeded to break a few other crucial parts
along the way...
 Hey Stac, how do you start this thing???
How many guys does it take to start a tractor? lol
 While waiting for the Bobcat to get into position to
push the tractor in the shop, it had to stay off it's tires 
for fear of breaking more parts,   soooo,   the bucket holds it up.
Once it was in the shop, a closer look would tell the guys
what parts needed to be ordered....
BUT, ( there's always a BUT ),
something isn't right when trying to order those replacement parts.
Upon closer inspection, they realize that the little red Hoye tractor
that Stacy bought was actually a green one.  It had been re-painted
sometime in it's life.  Different year, different parts!
They had already placed the order, so had to quickly cancel it
and start all over again...oh the joy of big boys and their toys.
I know, guys love this stuff...

As you were looking at these photos, 
did you happen to see how much of that ' stuff ' we still have?
This was Saturday.
So it goes in our neck of the woods...
Have a great week and hug the sunshine!


Gail said...

I love big toys!

The gourds are harvested after the vine and the gourds dry. That way they are completely mature and will keep indefinitely. If displayed outside I always use a coat of outer protection because they do break down eventually.

E.C. said...

Geeze that's alot of snow!I wonder if the snow will ever melt off for you all. Will this shorten your garden season much?

About the boy-toys. I like them kind of toys very much, but it has to be a pain when they need parts and some idiot chose to paint the thing the wrong color.
I'm glad they were able to cancel and reorder.
Take care, stay warm and think positive thoughts and hopefully soon you all will have a lush green region again. :)

jack69 said...

That sucker looks exactly like my little Yanmar. Why would anyone repaint a green (John Deere) to look like a Yanmar is beyond me.

Anyway I love the Bob Cat and I want one!!!!

Hope there is not too much damage and I do hope it is a Deere...
Thanks for a good boy's story!!!!
Love it, except for the damage, but how nice to have a bobcat to pick that sucker up and push it into a NICE SHOP!!

Dar said...

Gail: thanks for the info. I have gourds that did not make it out of the deep winter freeze. Doubt I can use them, but loved your Dippers.
E.C.: yes, it will shorten our season but not affect it. We will get enough sunshine,rain & warmth.
jack69: never heard of a Yanmar. This tractor is a Hoye...never heard of that kind either... The Bobcat is Dustin's and it's mainly for the business at the shop round the corner, but sure saved the day more than once.

Dee said...

Your right...men love the challenge of fixing and tinkering and collaborating with each other with their repair and fix it ideas. Good thing someone noticed it had been painted...strange that someone would do that.

TexWisGirl said...

that made me laugh! but, oh my to find out a different model/different year!

Chatty Crone said...

I am laughing at all your wonderful stuff there. And that snow!

Today was a long and rough day - will write tomorrow.

Shug said...

In farming, there is ALWAYS things that have to be fixed...never ending is it? I see lots of snow still hanging around your place....Hope Spring, "Springs" soon for you...

Muffy's Marks said...

I already called the landlord, asking to stay till the 15th. By looking at all your snow, I'm wondering if we should stay till the end of the month? Hope the boys get their toys fixed soon!!!

Cher' Shots said...

Big boys, broken toys! Need I say more?
'love & hugs from afar'