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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Foot Off the Top of a Blanket

Please feel free to enlarge the photo above by clicking on it
so it's easier to read.

Tis the truth, wouldn't you say?

I asked a wise woman this morning just what was the reasoning behind such a thing as Daylight Savings Time in the USA.?  
She had said that the reason simply was so children were not walking to school in the dark.

I have not done any research on this assumption, but it would 
 have made more sense to  change the time that school classes would begin during the long, dark winter days.

I agree with the Old Indian.
We can always count on our government to add to the confusion. 
All that aside,

Remember to turn your clocks back, OOPS, AHEAD!

(that is if you live where we practice such foolishness.)



Kellie said...

I agree - foolishness, but what do you do? Move to AZ? Maybe that sounds like the place to be with the warm weather :)

jack69 said...

You, me and that Indian are very smart people. Change the danged starting time!!! That seems to be too complicated..

But I had never read the Old Indian Logic. I love it. THANKS.

I thought you were going to say you have lost a ft. off the top of the snow piles.... hahahaha

Love to you and Bro Bill.

Shug said...

Cute! Smart Indian...indeed! What I see that it does is make for some grumpy people for a week or two....TWICE a YEAR!! It doesn't matter if we gain an hour in the Fall...it still plays havoc on our internal clock...Have a happy Sunday

Michelle said...

I read this quote a few days ago. It is so true!

Paula said...

Love those barns, thanks for posting them.

Chatty Crone said...

I thought it was for the farmers!!!

Dee said...

A wise quote....I do not like time change. I survived my child hood with out disrupting everyone's sleep cycle.

Leigh said...

I first saw this on face book and couldn't agree more! Who do they think they're fooling anyway?!?!!