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Friday, February 21, 2014


I'm sure you are tired of seeing this but it's actually good news today.  We were warned of another dangerous snowstorm which started early last night for our north central WI area.
 According to the weather reports, we were in the area expected to receive between 14-18 inches....again~
the wind was blowing the snow directly from the northwest.
We filled our reserve jugs of water in case of power outage and Bill widened the road to the cabin in case we need to go for the generator or, temporarily ' move.'
 As it turned out, we got lucky.
Yes, we still ended up with a considerable amount of snow for Bill to plow.....again.....but we were spared the terribly depth of it.
 It's looking gorgeous out, all white and clean again.
 We can still get in and out of the yard without ditching.
 The new foot of snow on the roof was nearly gone in yesterday's heat wave, and it will melt again.....maybe next week.
 The birds have found their free meals again.
 With their resourcefulness, they can easily find the seeds under the blankets of snow that has blown in and piled high.
 The birds plump up and use their thick winter coats of fluff to keep themselves warm and still manage to ' sit pretty.'
I have been doing a lot of hibernating this extra harsh winter, 
but still would never choose to live anywhere else.  North central WI really is a wonderland of the four seasons.  The only thing I would change, would to shorten winter and lengthen the rest of the seasons....that would work for me.
Meanwhile, we play a lot of cards, take walks when it's above zero, bake too much, read, spring clean (it helps, really), and do what the bears do,........sleep in!  (gotta get it while we can because come spring, it will be very busy around here.)

How do you deal with the winter dull-drums???

Now, I wonder if that snow is packy enough to make a
snowman?  It would be a first this winter due to all the cold.


Buttons said...

Oh I am glad it missed you it is raining cats and dogs here taking the beautiful snow with it, I think I may miss it. Spring will be here soon and no more sleeping in for you missy:):) Hug B

Shug said...

I just cannot imagine getting that much snow in a Winter season. I'm sure that if it's what you have grown up with then you know to expect a long Winter....Our Winter is so very short and even though we rarely get snow, I still am always ready to see Spring....

You all take care and stay warm and cozy...

Cranberry Morning said...

Looks just like our house. And usually I'm complaining about the cold and snow this time of year, but I'll have to admit, it is beautiful right now. Cold and snowy, but beautiful. We feed the birds too. I hate to think of them trying to fend for themselves in this weather. I lost count of how many times the power went out and then on again since last night!

Paula said...

Truly is a winter wonderland so I guess you didn't need anymore. Stay warm and safe.

Dicky Bird said...

We have ice and snow - but not as bad as they thought! Was on Hwy 13 thought about all you girls in Shannon's family...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

glad you didn't get that ice and your power stayed on. It is icy here, but nothing like they thought it would be!

jack69 said...

Your near miss is more snow than we usually got in NC all year. You guys sure have our admiration. Reminds me of what a gent said once when I said I wanted to get a boat and sail around the world,"I owned a boat once, sailed a long cruise, all the only advice I have is, you had better LOVE your wife." So Imma guessing the same must be said for hubby's and wives in the North Woods.

Love from Florida, Sherry & JAck

Dee said...

I feel for you....and for all the little critters who can not get to your place for food....it is a rough Winter for sure..one we will all talk about for many Winters to come. I am beginning to think if I do not see color soon I will permanently be vision impaired. Do you worry about roof damage?

Chatty Crone said...

Okay what is ditching mean? And you still got snow, but missed what? lol You look like you have a ton of snow - I remember being in snow , but it is hard to remember. sandie

Michelle said...

It is beautiful, but that is a lot of snow!!

Bonnie K said...

I am doing a lot of snowshoeing. It seems to make me feel better if I go out and enjoy it. I also have been baking a lot. Stay strong. Spring has to be close.