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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Business as Usual

Well, hello folks.
It has been a ' trying ' month, to say the least.
Besides computer woes, not having one, getting one, returning the ' lemon ' and finally getting another one, life up here in north WI. has been a very busy one.

We have been harvesting, and harvesting and harvesting...then canning and canning and freezing and freezing, dehydrating and dehydrating until my fingers are ready to fall off.

Apples, tomatoes, more of both, and pumpkins and potatoes, and carrots, kale and cabbage...the freezer and the pantry shelves are full.  I'm beginning to sell and sell and sell.  We are in produce overload.  What doesn't get saved or sold from this point on, will be donated cuz we are just to pooped to putter any longer.

I will soon have pictures to show you, once I get the past months worth, loaded, but I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I'm still thinking of all of you and very happy to be back with the world of friendships I have developed here in cyberspace.  You have been missed, greatly.  

Until then, 
Life remains good, even with side-effects of  
* Business as usual * for we have been raised 'strong.'


Ian H said...

Great news! Welcome back. I know what you mean by produce overload. Our raspberries gave forth with about 150 pounds this year.

Buttons said...

Oh Dar it sure is a busy time of year and your hands are indeed full no worries winter will be here and there will be plenty of time for virtual socializing....I look forward to it. Take care. Hug B

jack69 said...

We missed you and are so glad to see the alert. You guys are the workinest folks I know. and I BELIEVE that as much as anything:
* Business as usual * for we have been raised 'strong.'

Love to Bill and the rest. Please take care of your'own'self.

Jack & Sherry in North Carolina.

Cicero Sings said...

Yes, so much to do in the fall! Glad your computer issues got resolved!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Too much food is a good thing!

Much better then not enough!


Shug said...

Yay.... Glad you're back. Is it ok if I say I'm envious of your cupboards being so full of homegrown produce? You know you're eating healthy when you put it up yourself. Those computer woes can be a bit stressful. Just picked mine up from the repair shop...yesterday. Get some rest!

Cher' Shots said...

I hear ya Sis on the canning part ~ did 33 half pints of raspberry green tomato jam yesterday. Tomorrow back at the ripe tomatoes and one last batch of green tomato relish. Thankful for the great harvest but I'm so ready for a break.
'love & hugs from afar'

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Harvest season is busy stuff. Glad it was good for you.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh it is good to see you back.
Dar did you write me a letter - I can't find it anywhere I must have deleted it some how. Do you have a copy of it?
I have missed you like crazy!
Did you get another computer - windows 8?
So you have been busy with the end of the harvest? I bet you are busy like crazy.
It is getting cooler here too!
Love, sandie

Dee said...

So happy you are back...all the hard gardening and canning will pay off this Winter with fresh foods that will make the rest of us drool. :)