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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Caution In the Woods

 With ownership of our home and our cabin, 
there is always maintenance., constant maintenance.
My workaholic man has several tools that fit his hands perfectly.
This time, it's buckets of cleaning supplies and paint rollers.
He insisted on painting the cabin floors even tho it was hot and humid at the time...then came the rains.
 After hours and hours of generated fans and finally a 
change in weather to cooler and breezy, the floor dried.
I must say, it looks beautiful considering it is a concrete floor.
Someday it will be done the way we Really want it done, with in floor heating and wood and tile flooring.   Wait, don't we need electricity for that?
 12 yrs. ago when the slab was first poured, it was the fall of the year.  Several maple leaves fell onto the quick-to-dry floor.  Being a cabin in the middle of the woods, it was only fitting to leave them as they lay and brush them off later.  Once I'm able to bend again, I will make them even more visible with a touch-up of veining with darker paint.  I do love this floor.
 Of these two photos of the leaf impressions, the top one is most true to color of our new look.  I wonder how long it will be before it is all scuffed and ugly again.
 While my guy does all the labor within this project,
I have been enjoying the view from the deck during my continued recuperation.  The trees are so many shades of greens and
 the gurgling sound of the creek is nearly enough to put a girl to sleep.  Who needs electricity anyway.  The creek was so loud that I barely heard the generator running.
 I swear, these Hemlocks couldn't possibly get any taller, could they?  They sure could as they are only just beginning to gain their maturity.  They tower so high above the cabin already.
 Just as my man finishes the second half of the cabin floor, I have finished another drawing in pencil.  It gives me something constructive to do, at least, feeling a bit more useful.  This Goldfinch isn't the best, but he's mine.  I think I will fill him in with colored pencil the next trip to the cabin.  Quite frankly, I can't wait to go back.  I could very easily live the cabin life.
 Until next time,
so it goes at our little piece of heaven
in the woods.

Blessings All


Shug said...

Oh my goodness girl.....I love this place. I would be in my own little heaven with a cabin and a stream nearby. Be careful...many of these post, and I will be right there knocking on your door for an "extended stay!"

Chatty Crone said...

I think your floor is AWESOME and leaving those maple leaves on there was a great idea - that happened when they laid our floor for the garage! I bet it will GORGEOUS when you are done - I see your home in the woods is beautiful. sandie

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a lovely place!
I painted the concrete floor on our back porch last spring and LOVE how it turned out. It's easy to clean, looks great and pulled the room together.

jack69 said...

I love to see your talents at work, even if Bro. Bill is continuing with 'Projects' you cannot get involved in.
The description of the cabin 'feel' just doesn't physically work in HOT Las Vegas. hahahaha

Now I do know that the A/C works in the Casinos so I have told my girl, I am doing some heavy gambling this trip, "CAN I HAVE $5?"
Love and hoping the healing continues so you can enjoy the beloved cabin the way you always have...

jack69 said...

Your love of nature ALWAYS come thru, with the drawings of wildlife or your 'leaf imprints!'

As grandson Steve would say, "SWEET".

Michelle said...

I like that stained concrete. It is becoming quite popular!

Dee said...

I can only dream of a place like this....