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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fresh Baked

There is something wonderful about fresh baked bread.
It may be that yeasty smell permeating throughout the entire house, and even outside.  It may bring back a memory of when your mother or grandmother baked just because they knew you were coming home from school in a few minutes.  Mom baked 10 loaves of bread every other day when I was a kid.  No kidding!~afterall, she had lunchboxes to fill for 7 of the 9 of us at the time, plus Dad's pail for work.   

I remember running to the door once  that scent reached my nose. 
I also remember my little sister sitting on the floor eating the center out of an entire loaf with a very satisfied look on her 3 yr. old face.  Yes, Mom's bread was that good!!!

Something triggers a very deep desire to have a slice right out of the oven, steaming hot, melting real butter drips through it.

Though my loaves and the buns are uneven, have no uniformity about them, it just does not seem to matter.
Fresh Baked Bread is Still Fresh Baked Bread.
All the miscalculations of size and shape
Does Not affect the taste one single bit~
My man and son are testament to that, for it did not take them long to find a knife and the butter!

Pure satisfaction was dripping down their chins...
and mine.



Paula said...

Umm I can smell that bread from here.

Shug said...

There is nothing like fresh hot bread. B
less your mom's heart...she was a busy lady and I know she loved every minute of it. That bread certainly looks delicious....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

One of the world's best smells.

Ian H said...

Yep, feel free to forward some!

jack69 said...

YaUntSum? YOU BET. You said a truth about the smell of fresh baked bread.
I have no doubt your bread is delicious!!!! Down south my mom seldom baked any bread other than biscuits, so my initiation to fresh baked bread was from a large bakery in a small town, the smell was all over town, and just drew you to the bakery to look for the 'seconds' they practically gave away.
Great entry and read. ((HUGS))

imac said...


Chatty Crone said...

Gal that looks so good - I am so jealous - no kidding. For so many reasons. Is it easy? Can you send me the recipe. Do you have to have a bread maker? sandie

Dee said...

I thought I smelled something yummy in blog land :)

Cicero Sings said...

Nothing like fresh baked ... the smell ... the taste ... mmmm ... especially slathered with real butter. Me Mither used to be pulling bread out of the oven when I'd get home from school (we were living up north in the cold, cold at the time) but she would have dough in reserve and hot fat on and would pop an elephant ear in the oil and top with maple icing. So decadent. So good. Such a homey memory.

Made bread myself today ... one loaf for me and 3 small round ones for some fellas that are supposed to help in my yard this evening ... if the rain holds off. Having a lot of showers today.