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Sunday, April 7, 2013


It's way past my bedtime.  I cannot sleep.  My head is spinning.
Concentration has passed me by.  I have so much muddling within this wee brain of mine.  Have you ever had a sleepless night like this?
Tea.  Chamomile Tea. Another blanket.  Complete quiet.  Does that mean I have to leave my bed?  Bill is snoring.  His bean soup is working.  There is no peace in this room.  There is no place in this room for me right now.  Mercy, I cannot breathe.  The recliner.  I will try the recliner.
I wonder what the young adults are doing at this hour!  Not to worry, I wouldn't do that.  They have sense, do they not?  Oh, for pete sake, they are in the garage working on the 4-wheeler, or are they?  no?  
Is it still raining?  Has it turned to snow yet again?  Did I just hear a cricket?  It can't be.  If they have any sense at all, they are still deep in hibernation.  It's far to cold for them yet.  I wonder how far the kids got on their travels.  They hoped to be in New Orleans by now.  It was nice they checked in this morning.  
Oh my gosh, if I drink this tea at this hour, I'll just get to sleep and have to go to the lady's room...dear me.
I pray that my family starts to get healthier.  I worry about all of us, lately.  Is the sun going to shine in the morning?  The maple syrup operation is going full-steam.  We should have syrup by tomorrow afternoon.  I forgot to get the lids for the canning jars.  I sure am having my share of senior moments lately, and I don't even feel old yet.  I look in the mirror, tho, and it scares me what I see.
I wonder how my sisters are all doing.  I saw my twin this morning and he's doing so much better.  Thank God.  We just may have a chance to grow old together yet.  What a mess upstairs.  Tomorrow, maybe I can tackle one closet at a time, slow but sure.  Just like the Tortoise and the Hare, I go slow and Bill goes fast.  We always end up at the same place come nightfall.  See~~~I'm a mess tonight.  Cannot sleep.  I think I will go watch a movie, or bake something.  What will I conjure up for those hard working Maple Syrup-making boys tomorrow....I'll read for awhile.  That always slows me down, calms me.  When I start to reread a sentence, I know sleep will soon come.  I will read.
             ....surely, by now, ALL of YOU are asleep....
                                          'cept Me.
Thanks for stopping and reading this nonsense~~~  love ya  ~~~  
BlessYa                                   ** 


Jill said...

Dear Dar...
Yes, I know these sleepless nights well. I am sending you healing thoughts and prayers and quietness for you. I do hope you were finally able to get some sleep. If not, take time for a little nap today. You deserve it. *HUGS*

Michelle said...

Hope you finally were able to get some rest!

Cicero Sings said...

Mind in a whirl - it seems to only happen in the night! How to still it - now that's the problem. Hope sweet sleep finally caught up with you and that you got some healing rest. Things seem to have a way of working themselves out - outside of our plottings.

jack69 said...

Not glad you could not sleep, hope you got to this morning. But this was the most enjoyable post. I though that was sweet about 'my twin'. I think of our grandsons, as different as night and day and still alike. One is happy go lucky don't have a dime the other is successful and just bought a home.
But together they make sweet music.

and oh, senior moments. ah ha!
Love you girl and think of you and yours often. What a night you had!!!!

Winderly-Winderly said...

Hi Mel,
Sleepless nights are nofun to be sure. These days, since I sometimes forget to eat enough, I've learned that if I can't sleep, eating something does the trick. It figures. The blood rushes from your head to your stomach to digest your food and it's too busy doing that to keep you awake thinking about everywhichthang. I finally saw my doc about it who prescribed the smallest does of Ativan available (1/2 mg.) and does that ever do the trick. I don't ordinarily like taking any kinds of meds, but It's one of only 2 medicines I have to take so far and has no side effects. Wished I'd had it years ago!

Paula said...

I was probably awake too. I seem to sleep in shifts. Sleep a few hours, then awake a few etc. Sometime I do laundry at two or three in the morning and I love my crossword puzzle book.

E.C. said...

I'm tired just reading this. lol Isn't it amazing how many directions the mind can go when insomnia sets in. I hope you finally fell a sleep and got some good rest.
Just curious: does chamomile tea really help to make you relax and fall asleep?
I recently ordered some to use for dampening off my seedlings before I set them outside. If I have any leftover from gardening, I thought I may have to give the tea a try some sleepless night.
Wishing you a pleasant and relaxing week. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I hate you had that kind of night - and YES i have had them had one of them kind of last night. I work up like every hour. Thinking about finances - gee I hope you sleep better tonight. sandie

Dee said...

Your poor girl...your brain went on overload. I do hope that when you did fall asleep it was restful. :(

Fred Alton said...

Yes, these troublesome times come -but you know, since we belong to the Lord, our worst days (or nights) are better that our best days were before we knew the Lord. Thank God for the peace He gives that "Passeth the understanding of this world". Sending peaceful thoughts and prayers towards the North tonight.