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Sunday, April 21, 2013

On Phoebe's Return

The Phoebe that nests in our barn each spring, is home for the summer.  The only problem is, she is wondering what to do next!
 Good grief.  There is still so much snow,
the barn door is frozen shut. And....
 it looks more and more like she has to decide 
whether or not to stay.  She has been flitting from the
garage roof, to the sawhorses by the garage door,
 to the planter hanger in-between the garage doors,
thinking, ' she might just have to nest in the garage,
this time.'  
 While trying to decide on this gloomy day,
Mrs. Rabbit decides that maybe she should 
nest in the garage.
Mrs. Phoebe was having none of that.  Immediately,
she put the run on her, dive-bombing and chasing
her right out of her new domain. 
Phoebe has staked her claim.  Now, only to keep
Mr. Bill from closing that door the rest of the summer.
That will be her next challenge.  
 Apparently we will be having at least another
week of  ' iffy ' weather and YES,
these Are Snowball Hydrangeas.
 As for that sunshine trellis below, I have only one thing to say,
"  What do you think you're smilin' about?"
All's fair in the war of winter.
Come to Wisconsin, one and all.
If you should want to see the weather change,
wait just a few minutes.
I promise, you will love it.

Have a great week
From we northerners.


Suz said...

oh my dear
want to come for a visit?
Ill be heading to Ellison bay in 2 weeks...I hope there is no snow there when I get there!
..keep the door open fella

Chatty Crone said...

The bird must be saying - snow - no snow - snow - no snow - what is happening? sandie

Shug said...

Bless it's heart. It must be so confused. Is that really icicles hanging there? They are so big.

Hopefully...Spring/Summer will be there soon.

Paula said...

The bird and the rabbit must wonder what happened to the weather this year.

jack69 said...

Its this danged Global Warming! Okay that is the last time I will say it.
Y'all are having a heck of a time welcoming in some SPRING.
Now down south Phoebe could find a crack to wiggle inside, but I bet Mr. Bill has that place sealed TIGHT!
((HUGS)) and warm thoughts...
Enjoyed the pictures and narrative.

~mel said...

Yeppers ~ the little ol' birds are coming north and in for a HUGE surprise when they get here! You would think when they start to hit snow on their flight north that they'd hole up somewhere for awhile before continuing the journey. I sure hope it warms up soon. Not only for the birds ~ I know of a flock of humans who are tired of the snow too!!

Dee said...

Poor little critters...I can only imagine their confusion...Hopefully Spring will arrive before the baby's do. I can't help but giggle at your snowball hydrangeas.