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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simple Food, Simple Pleasure

Followers already know that we 'live off the land' whenever possible.  That means our love of wild game is as 'staple' as bread and butter.  Having had a busy day, this ol' gal completely forgot about defrosting something for supper.  One thing that is fast, are boned and skinless partridge and practically ready as soon as they hit the pan.
 Though our favorite way to prepare them is to simply saute' in butter,with a quick mushroom cream sauce over rice or noodles, tonight I felt like something different.
I decided to make a Partridge Pot Pie.
Now, doesn't that just stick to the ribs on a chilly, damp night.

Easy, already prepared pie crust on top of prepared veggies the easy steamed way, sauteed partridge, all put together quick-like in a baking dish  tightened with a chicken broth gravy, and
Lo and behold, we have the best supper ever.
A salad on the side, 
fresh made Peanut Butter Cookies and milk,
and another complete meal was enjoyed next to my guy, Bill.

Thank You Lord, for  blessing us once again with such great but simple food off the land, and thanks Mr. Partridge for giving yourself to keep us fed so well.  

So, what filled your belly tonight?



Ian Holland said...

We settled for left over venison slow cooked in a crock pot along with pan fried potato chips. Simple fare, but good. The pie looks great!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Yum! Have you ever ground it? We grind wild turkey and use it as hamburger all the time.

Bonnie K said...

Sounds yummy!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I have to be honest I am a city girl. Do you raise these or are they wild? And I think - just thinking about it - I would have to skip dinner. lol And I love you anyway!


Paula said...

Never had Partridge. We skipped supper because we ate a late lunch.

jack69 said...

Beautiful food, pictures, and family. Shucks Bill is easy to like, I like him. We count it a privilege to know you guys, nice seeing you every day on the screen saver.
The pot pie looks and sounds delicious.
Seldom have it, but love partridge.
Hugs from Sunny Florida!!

Gail said...

This week we have made deer jerky, deer (ground)chili and deer(chunks) stew. Each dish was delectable.

We do not have these birds.

I do understand living off the land. It saves much in our grocery budget.

Muffy's Marks said...

Left over casserole!!! We got home late from Mpls, and thank heavens we had left overs!!! All store bought! I think its so cool to just go out and shoot your supper. We city slicks have to hit the food emporium jungles, and believe me, it can be a jungle, our weapons are the manual powered food collectors (shopping carts) used to ward of rude children, and gabby neighbors inorder to get the gathered food stuffs home to the starving family!!

Dianna said...

Dar, that Partridge Pot Pie looks wonderful. Partridge is something I've never tasted. Is its flavor similar to chicken? Have a wonderful day!

Suz said...

If I had to live off of the land (hunt) I would be a size 0
your food looks so yummy

E.C. said...

Sounds and looks mighty tasty.
I can almost here the '12 days of Christmas' song changing to
"and a partridge in a pot pie"
I like it. :)

Fred Alton said...

That Partridge Pot Pie sure looked delicious. I just had Venison tenderloin fried and placed between three biscuits! Yummmmm.

Dee said...

Your grocery bill must be nice and low :) I give you credit for living off the land...we all may have to one day.

Sunny said...

Oh Yummy!! I already ate and you are making me hungry again, lol. How are you Dar? I just spent almost a month at my daughter's in TX. Moving on now. Take care.

troutbirder said...

Partridge pot pie. Whoda thought. It's been a long time since I went grouse hunting. Those guys were hard to hit, especially before the leaves were down....:)