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Sunday, November 4, 2012

So Far

What has been the best part of your weekend?  
It's hard to choose  as there were so many already. 
My Mom stopped by to see 
if I wanted to go with her to the Annual Fall Festival at church.  I was knee deep in some serious fall cleaning but her timing was perfect.  I completely forgot about it, (  I know, shame on me, ) but I did need to take a break so, of course, I tagged along.
( Isn't this a great picture of my mother.  It was taken on Mother's Day this past spring. )
We stopped late at the church celebration, this year called the 
Angelic Christmas, with angels on every table, a cookie walk, bake sale, ( we both came home with a box of cookies, yum, ) crafts,, treasures and the Soup, Salad, Dessert Luncheon.  Again, we went right at the end of the affair, so we did not eat, but most important, we got to visit with some of our dearest friends, young and old.  This little gesture of Mom's made me realize that I need to get back to church.  It's been weighing on me quite some time.
 Earlier in the day, while I worked at that deep cleaning, my son and nephew, the lumberjacks/hunters/ goof-balls, stuck around long enough for me to take their picture.  Nate is on the woodpile and my Andy is the tall one giving me a smile.  What crazy fun guys these two are....cousins and friends.....
another story, another time.
 I hate having my picture taken, especially when I haven't been taking better care , but just one with my baby....
I love you boys, but ENOUGH already!
 Dang, I knew if I hung around talking too long, this could happen.  I can't stand those ' zerberts.'  I always have to cross my legs, or, well, you know....
 This sweet picture of my GrandLoves  was taken a couple weeks ago.  They are so cute and handsome and stopped in, too.
  They and their dad, my oldest son, were heading to the woods to move a box stand.   Rye was anxious to go 4-wheeling with her Dad.  Josh just wanted to ' get-er-done,' so our visit was brief until tomorrow.  This age the kids are too busy to sit for long in one place.  Hmm, I guess that applies to just about any age.
 We had other visitors show up on the trail cameras.  
And just when I thought the bears were all tucked in for the winter already...well, it has been pretty warm out yet, in the 40's during the day, and nights just below freezing.  I guess this fella is filling his belly a bit more before hibernation.
 The deer are so alert!  I wonder if they are watching more deer coming in, crows, turkeys or are they being chased during feeding time....they must hate that.  Kind of like political interruptions during dinner.  Just plain rude.
 Click on any of these photos for a closer look.  This doe has the prettiest face...those eyes., those beautiful eyes.
 Look at this little guy.  He has Got to have a headache.
He must have tangled with something during the growth of his tiny spike antlers, or is he calling me a ' looser!'  
I doubt that.  He looks too kind to be a bully.
That's it for this evening.  Thanks for stopping by and reading this tid-bit.  If you're still here,  I appreciate your kindness.  
Come again real soon.



Marti said...

Great animal pics, and what cute kids!

jack69 said...

Wonderful entry. Enjoyed the narrative and pictures. YES all were good, but first is Mom's great picture, Looking Good! and then you dear lady, what a ;wonderful daughter, mom and grand mama thou has turned out to be.

Love ya
From North Carolina for another week.

jack69 said...

IMMa looking over at Sherry's computer and she is reading you also and smiling.

TexWisGirl said...

you and your mom are both adorable. :)

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh now I feel like I know you. I am glad you are going back to church. I loved seeing your photo. I love a face with a blog! And you mother looked like a sweet woman. And you looked like you had a great time.


Cicero Sings said...

Your Mom looks a right sweetheart and you take after her! That son is pretty cute too and I love that both son and nephew gave you a smacker and that it got recorded on film and posted.

~mel said...

So who was taking the pictures? Gotta love the zerberts! I remember Sam giving Cheryl some zerberts one time and he kept telling her he wasn't going to quit until she pee'd her pants - he was only 4 at the time. lol Ahhhh... those funny boys of ours ~ just like their good ol' G'pa O.

Cher' Shots said...

I guess we have it coming with those zerberts ... after all, we taught our boys well! To those of you who know me, Nate is my son, the black bearded guy. Sure glad Mom is cute, cuz so many people tell me I look like her. LOL
'love & hugs from afar Sis'

Cicero Sings said...

Those are Bog boots and good to -40 Celsius which just happens to be -40 F. too. (I just checked) -30 C on the other hand is only -22F -- go figure.

Michelle said...

So nice to see you enjoying!

Paula said...

Your Mom is cute and so are you. Good you're thinking of going back to church. We love to go to our historical country church. There were only 12 in attendence today but it is sooo friendly no matter how few.

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Great photos. I love your smile in the photo of you with your son. Always interested in trail camera photos.

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Great photos. I love your smile in the photo of you with your son. Always interested in trail camera photos.

Alica said...

Sounds like a fun outing with your Mom! And of course those cookies sound yummy too...I can never stop at just one though. I don't know what I'd do without my Church family...hope you can reconnect again. By the way...you mention you're in N Wisconsin...ever heard of Ladysmith? One of my good friends is from there...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have such a gorgeous smile! How nice to have that together time with your mom and the rest of your gang.
We have a SKUNK here lately. And plenty of deer, of course.
That's some serious log pile you have there.

Country Whispers said...

Love the animal pictures...especially the bear. I wanted to answer your comment left on my blog but it came up as a no reply blog so I thought I'd answer you here.
I do not have to have a certified teacher to review our school work but I feel better doing so. That way if the teacher sees any area that we are lacking in she can alert us. My goal is to do the best that I can do in teaching my children. However, sadly there are some homeschoolers that don't take it that serious and that's unfortunate because it's the kids that pay the price.