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Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Detour

In the midst of this very gloomy day, the phone rings.  It's Bill, needing tools at one of the fields I have yet to see. 
 I always look forward to a break, so to the garage for tools that were not in his tool box where they belonged, and off for a little road trip I go.  
 This particular field is way out in the sticks.  Bill says to go to the dead end of this road, through the iron gate, ( sorry, I missed a pic for ya, TexWis.  I know how you love gates,)  and

 through a few puddles, round the bends, and
 up another draw to a field with a white deer stand way off in the distance, just past the first deer stand by the road.  As I came past the first stand, I saw a circle of wood on a post that I could have sworn was a satellite dish, from a distance, mind you.

Do you see it?
Keep driving.  The first field is all rock and is not going to be plowed,.......ever!
 Down the trail a few more minutes, through a few more mud holes and finally, there's my Bill waiting at the edge of the field he's been prepping for the spring planting of seed potatoes.

 I couldn't imagine what he was talking about when he said to park by the campground....now I understand.  Way back here in the middle of God's country, is a campground for the owner of this acreage and his family.  They even have a water feature.
 In the dip of a hollow, off in the distance, sits a speck of green waiting for tools to break down what isn't working, the hydraulics to run the bucket on the tractor.   
 Pictures are deceiving, but this country is rolling and steep in parts.  Kinda eerie!

 The soil is near perfect for potatoes, no little tater-sized stones  like our field, and sandy loam.  It should be quite productive.

 While Bill was busy down below, I took a short walk.
 Up the hill from where I parked the truck, is another deer blind.  I understand it's placement, as just below the hill about where the truck is parked, the blind faces the open field beyond on three sides and....
 there are three well traveled runways below it.  We did see one deer coming in, but just it's tail end....
 Do you see him? .................................................me either.  He's long gone by time we had a chance to see what it was.  Right now the bucks are running the does so hard, that they actually get stupid in love.  We have to be on the look-out for them, because they do not pay any mind to traffic, only the scent of a doe.  I know reality is too much for some, so if TMI is not something you are kin to, it's best to read fast, I guess....or wait til hunting season has passed.  All I know for sure is, I hope the guys fill their tags this year, cause the freezer is empty of venison, my favorite lean meat next to chicken and turkey.
 or maybe ' goose!'  This flock was heading southwest, straight for the Flambeau River, past the swamps and over the woods.
 I better stop lolly-gagging and get some parts pics sent off for the boss. 
One last picture for you.  We pass this neat little building ever time we visit Bill's brother.  Those boys grew up in this neighboring country and I keep forget to ask what this might have been used for.  My guess, an ice house or pump house.  
What's your guess?

Thanks for riding along today.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, i want that little stone house!!! i bet it was a pump house.

and you made me snicker on the gate photo. :)

Gail said...

What a wonderful rock house. It could even be a smoke house. People used materials they had at hand. Here Dad rocked the spring house, the hog house and the chicken house for extra insulation.

I was thinking of TexWis when you mentioned gate, too. Will we ever see a gate or a barn and not think of that sweet lady?

Are you going to tell us???

Paula said...

I love that little house. Could it have been to camp in while out hunting. Interesting little trip you took us on, thanks.

Chatty Crone said...

Okay Dar - I am back to the point of not knowing how big your property is and are you on a farm? I am getting to know you better. sandie

Dar said...

Re: I have asked around and still do not know what the little stone building was. I will let you know when I find out...I do remember an old barn that was torn down long ago.
It could have been any of your guesses.
It is not on our property but just off a town road about 2 miles from our home. I guess we all will have to keep on guessing.

jack69 said...

Enjoyed the trip to Bill's retired working job. LOL
That is a lot of 'tater country you guys have.
enjoyed the ride and narrative. Thanks.
Unless it is a spring house, I have no idea.
Grandpa had one much smaller but it was against a hill.
Love & Hugs from North CArolina...

Lucy said...

Loved your pictures. I was born a country girl but not that big of country. Love the rock house.