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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Maybe Next Week

Maybe ' next ' week!
Maybe then, we will finally have some ' us ' time.
Maybe then, a chance to stay at our cabin in the woods~
 Life has been so busy, so tired, it's time.  Time for a deserved challenge.  Bill and I love to play cribbage, and we do, usually each morning and evening, sometimes noon after lunch, we sneak in a game, but only one. 
 My folks used to keep score on the back of the board each game for a year at a time.  Whoever won per game, got their picture with their big buck, facing forward on the spiral picture frame, for the day.  They also got a check-mark on the back of the board.  They played every morning after breakfast, and before the dishes were done.  Sweet memory!  

 While at the cabin, I do hope to see more  ' doe eyes.'
There are not as many deer around as there used to be.
We have the wolves and the cougar to thank for that.  I won't go any further with ' that ' touchy subject., but I'd rather see the deer than the ' stalkers/ annihilators.' 
 There is something soothing and just plain 'peaceful' about sitting near a campfire late into the evening.  Once the embers burn down and the chill is in the air,  it's time to retire.
 It will get chilly, so the fire in the potbelly stove will have warmed the cabin by then.  It will feel good to go inside for.....
 a bowl full of stew that's been on the stove all afternoon.
Fresh baked bread and hot steamy stew, what a great smell as we first open the cabin door.  Maybe some Gingerbread, too.
Before long, we will be strapping on the old snowshoes and making our own tracks in the snow.  But for now, off with the generator, light the candle and~~~
off to bed before the white stuff comes.

I'm thinking, I am ready.  Is it Monday yet?
Will Bill leave early and start that potbelly and the generator and warm the logs for Us?  I sure do hope ' this ' will be the week.

For now, I'm crawling into bed at home, and ' dreaming.'

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.


Paula said...

You all sure know what life is all about. I don't know Cribbage but I've played a lot of Canasta and other games. Enjoy your winter!

Muffy's Marks said...

You have described the 'perfect' weekend. I hope your dreams come true. For now-- stay dry!!

TexWisGirl said...

playing cribbage - what a neat family tradition. :)

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Good luck. I am grateful that we live in our cabin full time. It is as good to be there every day. There is nothing better than a cabin in the woods. I hope you get to yours soon.

jack69 said...

Muffy's said you have described the perfect weekend, but I say, the perfect life.
I loved this picture narrative story, and hope this is the week, before the white stuff does get serious. Yes, the campfire, like running water in a beautiful branch, is so soothing.

Yep you guys deserve the US time.
Lvoe from down here where it is cool, in the 60's (YES that is cool when we are supposed to be in Florida and in the 80's. hahahaha

Sending Love to you, Bill and y'alls.

Michelle said...

A visit to your cabin sounds wonderful.

imac said...

Good luck, sounds grand.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Nothing quite as cozy as a wood fire, stew on the stove and a game of cribbage.

Suz said...

you dont really have snow?!

Shug said...

OMGoodness...if I lived near by, I'd be inviting myself to join you at the cabin. These are things that we can only dream of here in Texas.
did you say cougar? I might be a little scared!

Have fun.

~mel said...

It's been five days ~ time for another post. Like I told Cher on her blog ... how am I suppose to know what's going on in your world if you don't post something new. I'm not psychic. As for the rug ~ that's not panning out like I hoped; but I have another idea brewing in the dark recesses of my brain to make it work. I haven't given up on the idea yet:)

quiltmom said...

Hi Dar,
Your cabin looks like a lovely place to sit back and enjoy life with the man of the house.
I learned to play crib when I was a kid from my dad. I hadn't really thought much about that. He learned to play from two friends who would take any points that he missed pegging or counting. He soon was an excellent pegger and counter. He once had a perfect crib hand with these same friends and has a small trophy that he still has up in my parent's home. One Christmas a few years ago we had a crib tournament which I actually won- I sure was lucky that time..
I hope you are feeling much better- I haven't been reading blogs much lately so I missed what happened to you. Just wanted to send best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Warmest regards,

Sunny said...

Still love reading your delightful blog when I get the chance. Your life reminds me so much of what my life was like while my hubbt was still alive.... Brings certain sweet memories to me. Have a blessed day, Dar!