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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frances Recall

It's been a while since we've been to the farm, 
but look who we met.  This is  ' Frances.'
He needed a new home, so he now resides at the farm
with my Mom.

Frances is a gentle rooster, gentle enough 
to be fed out of your hand with the chicks.
Fair warning tho, his peck is a bit more 
sharp than the youngsters.
 Just so long as you do not ruffle his feathers,
he will be kind to you and go about his business
of pecking and scratching the ground.

Down at the hen house, the hens are busy 
keeping the eggs coming.

 Boss, however, got a bit Too bossy and has been 
             ' separated ' from the rest of the 'fold.' sorry Boss, 
                                         Frances reigns!

 Has something like a song, a character, a bird, anything? has anything ever instantly recalled a childhood memory?
Well, on the home library shelf of children's books, is a book that all of the wee ones that ever ran across my floors,
goes for at ' story time.'

Daycare was at my home. When some of the nieces, nephews, our own babes, the neighborhood kids, all came here, at one time or another, as children.  They all wanted me to read this well worn favorite to them.  
 One of them, was my niece, Staci.  She called me a couple days ago, wanting the name of the book and it's author.  When I asked her if she was thinking of ' Christmas ' for her little girl, she said, " No, I'm thinking of Me."
Staci is the one who found a new home for Frances the Rooster you met in the very first photo of this entry.  It seems that Frances had touched a soft spot in her heart.  She said she couldn't get him off her mind because he reminded her of this book I read to her when ' she ' was just a little girl.
 All of the farm animals of Maple Hill Farm are there.
You really must meet them all, so see if you can find this child's book of 1974 by Alice and Martin Provensen. 
The hard cover is the best with large, bold illustrations and fun throughout.  I promise, you will treasure it forever.

Meet MAX!
Have another wonderful day!
Thanks so much for stopping.
Do come back often.  I treasure your visits!


Gail said...

Poor Boss. He is only protecting his ladies.

Darcie said...

Yep, love that one too. :)

Paula said...

Frances is a dude after my own heart. Once in a while here in town I can hear a rooster crow if the weather is just right early in the morning.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a wonderful connection! It must have warmed your heart! We carry so much joy from our early tears inside us. I'm always looking for things I read about as a girl.

Helen said...

Those chickens are really pretty. I hope no wild critters get close to them.

imac said...

Wonderful post.

Chatty Crone said...

I think your mom will take real good care of Frances.

Rebecca said...

Francis is very attractive.

jack69 said...

You Lady, have planted a multitude of seed, your harvest will be great. That is such a sweet story, Frances reminding her of the FOND memories planted by YOU.

Love the pictures. Thanks. Your mama's chickens remind me of my mama's. Funny thing my son wants fresh eggs, he just asked how to build a chicken house. I cannot remember. hahahaha,.

Muffy's Marks said...

One never know how their actions impress young folks. Your reading that book to your niece really impressed her. Lucky Frances to find a good home.

Cher' Shots said...

Heck Dar, I'm not a kid but I always loved that book too! Talk about story tellers; Dad was heavy on my mind today. Sure do miss him.
'love & hugs from afar'