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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cooling Off

Our GrandLove, Sy, has been with us every other week while his Daddy works.
This kid loves, Loves, LOVES the pool.
Once a day, I jump in there with him to walk in water, 
but he is in there from morning til dusk.
 Just a bit of his antics, just for your entertainment...
I thought he'd land on his head, but
a slap to the back and he comes up smiling.
 He tried over and over again,
 to land in the inner-tube, 
 again and again, until
 finally, he succeeded with a flip and a flop.
 OOPS!  This is what happens when you land a little too deep!
 Let's try that again !
" Come on in, Grandma, the water's great!, " he says.
 He promised to rest for awhile!  
What a kid.
 OK, that didn't last too long and 
he was right back at it again.
 Let's try the flip-float this time.
 YES!! He made it on the very first try!!!  WooWho!
 Our GrandLove sure keeps things lively around here.
Now, I really have to go and pick the green beans before it
Rains again.

Thanks for stopping by to cool off.
BlessYou, EveryOne


jack69 said...

And here I thought I would get to see you practicing walking on the water. LOL
I have asked my self many times, what was it about water? Of course we never had a pool when I was a kid, but I could go to the swimming hole and stay all day. Why? But I can remember I could not wait to get there and hated to leave. I must have been the last one .

Seeing Sy having a ball, brings back sooooo many good thoughts. Now dry off and get the beans picked. Love ya!!!

Shug said...

How adorable he is! I'll have to give him a A+ for all the effort he went to in order to land in the middle...I sure wish that when I was his age, that we would have had a pool..instead, we played in the water at the creek bank!! Our grandkids would stay in the pool, everyday from dawn to dusk! Of course, we have had several little ear aches..Not good!
Hope your grandson gets to enjoy many more days of playing in the water, before heading back to school...This was certainly a refreshing post!!

Michelle said...

Looks like he is having the best time!

Paula said...

I could almost feel the water splash from here. So good to see kids having fun.

imac said...

Great water sports lol

Just retuned from 2 weeks cruise around the Baltics

Cicero Sings said...

Such enwrgy - so carefree - so cool. Hot here today but i got a little done despite the heat.