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Saturday, July 7, 2012

South, West, North, East, South....

The guys were busy putting the fun and
 The work away, when
 The rain clouds started to roll in from the northwest,
 and the wind started to swirl, moving things suspiciously around,
 the flag blew straight south, then west, then north, then east,
 The clouds began to get darker and darker, moving quickly
 with so much more of that suspicious swirling, like a tornado brewing somewhere, ..... we did not hear of any...
 finally it started to sprinkle, but just a little...
 enough for Mr. Frog to take a quick bath in the droplets, but not enough to submerge,  or do any swim to the other side of the lawn,
 the sprinkling stopped and the sky warned as it yellowed....
 when finally, the clouds burst and rain fell, hard, straight down rains to water the dry earth,  waning the flags flow...
 The rains did not last long, not even an eighth of an inch fell.  The sky, however, still warned of more to come, so very yellow until 10 p.m.  Isn't it supposed to be dark by then?  
There was no more rain for the night, no more threats of strong storms past 2 a.m., sleep was wonderful with the windows wide open and temperatures in the 60's.  The storm cooled the air so much that it was almost shocking to the system.  I will take that type of shock anytime.  The heat index had been as high as 105 F. and we in north central Wisconsin, simply are not used to it.  I am so grateful for the cooler day.  Now, I have to get outside and enjoy it.



TexWisGirl said...

glad you got a refreshing break without storm damage!

Cher' Shots said...

... and it blew our direction and we had a downpour ... I mean a real gully washer!
GREAT pics of the churning sky!
'love & hugs from afar'

Muffy's Marks said...

The break from the heat is wonderful, we went atving for a while today. Last night we got 2-3 inches of rain. The lake is overflowing its brim!!!
Wish we could send some rain your way!!

imac said...

Great show of photos my friend.

Paula said...

We have a small percent chance for rain the next several days. We get excited at any chance these days. Nice Pictures and nothing like cool air through an open window.

jack69 said...

What a great, but scary narrative. i know you guys were worried, the clouds and sky look ominous. Strange colors and that flag indicating all different directions.. OUCH. Glad not Cyclone hit, that is for sure.

Love from down here where it is still a little hot, 99 at about 6PM, but better days coming for us!!!!!

Love from down here!

Shug said...

glad you were able to get some cooler temps.
It has been so hot here the past few days..and our humidity makes it so hard to stay outside.
thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos..the clouds were all gorgeous..
Have a great Sunday.