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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Head-to-Toe Patriotic

Just feeling Head to Toe Patriotic hanging out with my GrandLove, Master Sy.......with the great smile and Hazel Eyes.
Our goal the remainder of this hot day, is to ' splashdown ' in the pool, munch on goodies and a grilled supper before * fireworks *
   Enjoy some fireworks too, and celebrate our independence!
A Very Happy 4th to you all!!!!
Stay Safe.
Dar, Bill, Sy and Andy today~~                           


Paula said...

Love those nails. We'll probably amble over to the next town and park on a parking lot to watch the fireworks they have at their park.

jack69 said...

Cute toes!!!! Happy fourth, Boy oh boy is Sy growing. Gonna be a man someday!!!!

Hope your fourth was great. Sherry and I had a hot dog and relaxed waiting for the storm that I think has passed us by.

We didn't know you guys were so hot!!! WOW Y'all are supposed to be the cooler dudes.

Dar said...

Re Jack, Sherry & Paula too: We ARE the cool dudes, just the HOT Cool dudes, lately. It's been so hot we could fry an egg on the tin roof and slide it right onto a plate for ya'll.
We ended up sliding down the waterfalls at Eric's, then to Newman Lake for a swim with the GrandGirls and brats and chips over coals...was good til the storm came across the lake...scary, fast and furious.
StaySafe, It's nearly ' fireworks ' time.

Muffy's Marks said...

whoa!! I better check out the radar. I'm frying, and it is perfect storm weather. Stay cool if you can and stay safe.

Chatty Crone said...

Happy 4th of July. sandie

Shug said...

Isn't it fun to have fun doing crazy things? Kinda like painting our toes all kinds of crazy colors? I have pictures of our 16 year old grandson having his toes painted last year for the fourth..He was playing around, but we all had lots of laughs!!

Love it!