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Monday, July 2, 2012

Cool It

It has been Soooo Hot, then add the humidity and we are searching for any possible way to stay cool.  Bill has been getting the splash pool ready for anyone who desires a dip,
 and I have been looking for any shady spot I can find...hmmm, the house is pretty shady and the AC feels downright...well...right!  No matter the summer heat, it always seems cooler under the ol' Basswood tree at the farm, and the view is nice too.   There's a deer in the middle of the trail, waaaaaaaaay out in the field, just right of the Chestnut tree beyond the fence.  Maybe you can pick her out.  You'll see.
 How about a ride around the lake in the party barge/pontoon?
 Awww, looks so great but I will wait til we get ashore......
 This sweet couple sure reminded me of ' On Golden Pond ' out for an afternoon cruise along the shoreline to watch the Bald Eagles.
 We stopped to check out a ' no motor ' fishing hole...looks good.
 The Bald Eagles were even hot., panting to cool themselves.  Too hot to fly today.  We watched them for the longest time.  They stayed in their look-out tree for over an hour, only one flying finally, maybe to Lake of the Pines to fish.
 Click any photo for a closer look.  You can see the Bald Eagle is definitely ' hot,' just like the rest of us.   Take a look at those talons.  No wonder they are such good fishermen/fisherbirds of prey.  Only once have I seen one catch a fish.  Amazing!
 I wonder if there was the slightest breeze way up top in the fire tower.  We used to climb that tower when we were kids, but it's bottom steps have been removed for safety-sake.  No way would I attempt it anyway, on such a hot day.
 See, I wasn't kidding about the deer.  She was at least 200 yds. away, watching me watching her.  She kept looking to the east.  My guess,  she had her fawn lying there.
 Beat the heat, is the name of the game.  Nothing strenuous.  Walking out into the lake took a real tow on my back and leg again,  so sitting to watch an amazing sunset over the barn, was more my speed in the intense heat of the evening.  So pretty.
 And then that glorious moon rose soft in the night sky, casting rays through the humid air.   Sitting on the deck late actually was pretty relaxing~~~not a bug, just a gentle breeze and moonstruck.  
So many of you have such greater numbers of heat than here, but we are just not used to it.  Then add the humid, stagnant air and 
geeeeeez.  We need a reprieve from it all.  Maybe a prayer for rain, more cooling rains.  Until then, stay cool.  Stay Cool.



Suz said...

the heat has been awful
no swimming hole here...just a nice air conditioner that is workinf overtime
love your eagles...

Jill said...

It is definately oppressive! Glad you found a way to stay cool. Take care of yourself, Dar. *hugs*

jack69 said...

You definitely know how to show the way to beat the heat. Love the swim scenes, makes life good. Even seeing the family fun makes for enjoyment.
Great entry (as usual) Life is good!

Cher' Shots said...

I have to agree that sitting under the basswood tree at 'the farm' is such a beautiful scene. We were lucky to be raised on such a wonderful piece of land that we can all still call 'home.' Now if only I could get there by clicking my heels three times.
'love & hugs from afar'

Annmarie Pipa said...

you guys have it all figured out...in a fun way!!! I would like to beat the heat with you!!
like all your pictures!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love watching eagles dive-bomb their fish dinner!
This is definitely weather for the water.
And "On Golden Pond" is one of my favorite movies ever. So funny and sweet. That photo does look like Norman and Alice.

imac said...

What a delightful way to cool down, and to see the eve approach - then full moon.