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Monday, May 14, 2012

Events of Mom's Day

As Mother's Day should be spent whenever possible, ours was spent at the farm with Mom.  She delights in her flowering shrubs and trees so much, that it is then, that she will agree to a photo and a giggle.
On a road trip during the week, we found this gorgeous basket of various colored Million Bells Petunias for her.  Against her Gingerbread Colored house, it beams, just like she does. 
 The bees were buzzing throughout the Chestnut Tree, 
 just like the hmmmm going on around the tractor, discussing the ' next ' project on the farm.  Always planning, kindling memories of years ago when we were growing up on the farm.
 The Forget-Me-Nots at the edge of the lawn remind us of other generations that have lived here as we grew up, our sister, baby brother, Grandmother, Daddy...all who have passed but are never forgotten.  How I miss them all, each have tucked such special Memories in my heart~~~~
 Just one of the sets of wagon wheels on the farm, remind us of a greater 
' circle of life.'  Round and back again.  We know we can always come home.
 The brilliant red of the Rose-Breasted Grossbeak is barely visible through the leaves of the Basswood Tree as they unfold.  Her song, however, is easily heard above the table talk going on below, over coffee and Mom's Raspberry/Blackberry Doughgen.
 I remember this Crabapple Tree being planted many moons ago when I was living at the farm with two small children, ' finding myself '....again.  Thanks to Mom, ...I recall it's scent and petals flying through the air like snowflakes through many laughs and tears.  Mom, my shoulder.
 It was not this pump, but one like it, that caused Dad to hang a latch on the screen door, high, where I could not reach it as I would walk in my sleep as a child.  Apparently, more than once, I wandered out the door with a dish cloth to wash the pump.  It was not a required chore, but I remember the latch and it's necessity.   I must have thought that pump was a terrible mess in need of cleaning...hmmm.   Isn't it something, what spurs a memory!
 All 9 of us had some pretty terrific memories of growing up on the farm...
and this weekend, we were reminded it was our turn to thank Mom, for always being there for us with her unconditional love.  Thanks Mom~

Mother's Day weekend for me was extra special another way, too.
My youngest son and two of his lil' boys took me fishing............but,
regrettably,  I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!!....so I took a couple pictures of the GrandLoves holding the largest of their catch once we returned home. 

 Sy is holding a nice Bluegill, and he also caught the first fish!    He's showing me how ' weird ' the eye of the fish feels....What a big smile that spread across his sweet face.     Lil' brother, Ben, is proudly showing off his Pumpkinseed Sunfish...can these kids ever cast.  I was so surprised.  Ben would say, 
" Where do you want me to cast it, Dad?", and he's drop it perfect every time.
Sy said, " I'll bet I can put it in the tree, and he did.........."  Fun day with the boys.  We cannot wait to do it again, soon.
 Their Dad must have been feeling the need for some of Mom's attention.   
While working on a winch he is building, he accidentally skipped across the top of his hand with the grinder as it kicked back....It's much deeper and worse than it looks.  So far, 3 days later, he still doesn't feel much on the top of his hand...either he has will of iron or actually damaged something.  He refuses to go to the doc so I butterfly-taped it after cleaning it...I swear I could see a tendon.
Even the Big Kids keep life interesting!
We also went out to eat lunch at the Round-Up for Broasted Chicken and Ham with all the trimmings and Strawberry Shortcake.
It was another wonderful Mother's Day.  The kids called, cards and flowers were delivered and I was treated like an appreciated Mom and Grandmom.
Life is good.

I hope your weekend was as wonderful.


Paula said...

Beautiful and yes mine was wonderful too.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sounds like perfection--and full of great memories made. That pump is really cool.

imac said...

A great mixed bag of goodies here, your Dads hand looks as though he needs stitches.

Shug said...

oh what a fantastic mother's day...Lots of memories and fun..
I sure hope the hand gets well quickly. btw... I love that cute little fish.
glad you all had a great time!

jack69 said...

I just dropped by, by accident! LOL GREAT entry, you mom is one of the great ladies I have met.
Syrus can steal your heart in a minute, he is such a sweet kid.
All in all, a great entry. Bill is a tough 'retired' kid. And of course you are the PERFECT nurse for him!!!!

Love from down here!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, I miss you too --and your sister! Your mother is AMAZING... So glad that she is doing so well and loving life to its fullest.... Great pictures!!!

Congrats on the fishing trip. I'm sure that your son and the grands enjoyed going and taking you along!!!!!

Congrats on such a great Mother's Day.