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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retirement Rocks

I suppose it wouldn't be fair to just leave and not say goodbye,
But we did.
The morning after a small gathering of work-related friends
( of which there are no pictures ),
We passed Butternut Creek,
and the Old Homestead grounds,
( the house looking very renewed ),
past this gorgeous well-used red barn,
and to the Redemption Ranch for breakfast
with one of the boys and friends who were home
to ride their sleds on the 2 feet of snow we got a week ago.
I'm holding this picture, for proof, that my GrandLove, Josh,
DOES know how to wash dishes. His mother will want to know.
Sorry, Bud, but chores first, then the fun.
We took a roadtrip to our daughters a couple hrs. away,
to find her walking,
and walking her sick horse, Windy.
Windy had gotten a bad belly ache with Sand Colic which was a
near death experience for her. She had to be medicated with pain killers,
antibiotics, and tubed into her stomach to be treated with a gallon of
mineral oil, then continually medicated for 5 days.
The following day the vet returned to treat a blood clot the size of a
grapefruit in her throat., poor thing. She is eating cookies again and doing so much better.
On to Bill's responsibility as a Grandpa.
He was busy the week, teaching Austin how
to make Scrambled Eggs. Good job, Dude.
Most of the time was spent here. The kids are finishing off a part of their old farm house that was never done. The room is huge, twice the size you see here. When finished, this will be a master bedroom and bath.
Do you thing these little Kings on the Mt. were glad to see us?
Love It!!!!
The very first thing done when we returned home, was
Fix the broken recliner. Bill almost flipped backwards into the window
when he sat down...no longer a problem thanks to my Mr. Fixit Man.
Bill spent two days moving heavy snow just getting back to the cabin.
Normally, he finishes this job in less than half a day. We are glad to see the weather warming and melting some of this stuff.
We are so ready to be done with this knee deep snow and move onto
a new and exciting adventure.
Are you ready for this? Brace yourself, for we are going to~~~~
grow potatoes.
What?, you say?
There are 48 varieties, and so much more.
Not often does opportunity literally ' knock on your door,'
but it did.
It seems a seed company from WA. state wants to lease our tiny
field for a test garden to grow different cold weather varieties of potatoes.
After a lengthy discussion of how this all works, we had a gentleman's/gentlewoman's handshake to seal the deal until the paperwork is complete.

We are excited to see how this all comes out.
To be continued~~~

It's been an exciting and busy first week.
Here's hoping yours was productive and fun too.
Now, on with the plans for a Retirement Party for My Man Bill.

BlessYour Heart


Muffy's Marks said...

I am so glad retirement is fitting you two. We have been retired a year come April 1, and have not regretted it. Love the winter in Arizona. All good things must come to an end, and we are driving back home, leaving here on the 19th. Hope the snow is gone by then. Enjoy the weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

neat on the potatoes! :)

i hope your daughter's horse makes it. how scary...

and i had an aunt & uncle in butternut. we made an almost yearly trip to visit them for a while...

Paula said...

Looks like a fun trip and interesting about the potatoes.

jack69 said...

Oh this is a good entry. love all the pictures and your fine narrative to go along with it. We are glad for Bill and you, now remember YOU wanted huim to retire, don't be fussing haveing him around!!!
I know you guys will handle retirement well, bill has too many things to do and places to hide!!!

Love you girl and give our continued congrats to Bill the man!

Jill said...

Wow...how scary that had to be with Windy. Glad she's improving!

Really neat of the tater deal. I'll look forward to seeing how it goes!

Fred Alton said...

Wonderful, Bill and DAr, on your retirement - and you have the best plans for it! Visit those children and grand-loves and pass along all that wisdom you have gained over the years! Also congrats on the potato planting project. Hope it turns out unusually good,

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I have every sense that retirement won't be boring at your house!