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Monday, March 19, 2012

Berry Nice

Can you believe this weather?
It has been so beautiful out.
No snow!!!
Just warm sunshine, hot sunshine,
And sweet air.
The Spring Peepers are singing in the hollow.
The warmth surrounding me feels so grand.
The Robins are back, having no trouble finding a worm.
Even the Bluebirds have returned early,
To check out their nesting boxes, and
It's Only March!!!

Who can ever complain about way above normal
Temperatures that we are experiencing here
In our Great Northern Wisconsin.
It's one more reason to call this
God's Country.

Have a Berry Nice Week


TexWisGirl said...

hope you don't get a surprise snow storm yet!

Shug said...

This weather sure makes me have some worries about what is to come for the summer...We are already having 80 degree days around here. I am sure praying that it won't be another summer like last year.
Those strawberries sure look delicious!
Have a great day Dar!

A Primitive Homestead said...

Those berries look tasty. I saw the first blue bird here today. Blessings!

jack69 said...

Oh, yeah berries are big here now. Down here SB's from Plant City are big. They have the strawberry festival there every year. Evelyn, our friend down here, brought us some berries cut up and even brought a twinkee to use in making a Short-cut strawberry short cake. Deeelicious!

Hope your weather holds and you can plant soon. I know you love the gardening.....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I woke up to BIRDS singing this morning. Windows were OPEN. In MARCH.