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Monday, February 6, 2012

A Gorgeous Weekend

Nothing to complain about here.
No, not a thing.
It was a gorgeous weekend in northcentral WI.
The weather was fair., fog lifting over the field first thing in the morning with the sun rising behind the trees.
No complainin'.
Follow the lifting fog to see the trees frost before our eyes
as the day begins to warm, as warm as the low 40's above F.
It may get ' long on winter,'
but Jack Frost knows his way here to
remind us that there are warmer days ' a ' comin.'
The sun did shine for brief moments,
enough to show a few shadows during my walk.
My twin drove in for a visit.
I really think he stopped to see his nephew.
They used to work the same shift and they miss one another.
He was pretty impressed with the use for the auger, and no,
it's not just for fishing, anymore.
This lone oak leaf lay exposed in the snow.
This will broaden my walk and search in the spring.
I do not recall seeing an oak for at least a mile from here.
I'd like to strap on the snowshoes and follow this trail.
It is the one of the bobcats that we have been seeing.
I will wait for my man to come with me....soon,
before the trail melts away.
Difficult to see, but the bottom of these two tracks is that of the
Click on any of the pictures for an up-close view.
Another track, that of a
and, a deeply set
Deer track.
and even the wee
I love my warm weather winter walks.
When I returned, three of the GrandLoves and their Daddy,
were still hard at work,
digging a tunnel and fort.
Remember the auger? It's in my son's hand in the next two photos.
He uses it to dig through the snow, pulling it to the surface,
so much less digging the hard way. He's using the hand auger
with the little ones around, rather than the power auger.
It works like a charm.
Once the snow is loosened from it's packed hillside,
he rakes it out with the squeegee...anything to get the job done quickly,
even tho it feels like a heatwave to us northerners,
it's still ' frigid-aire ' out there.
After awhile, you get wet, playing this way, and then
the cold really sets in and it's cocoa time.
Of course, before the boys came in to warm up and dry their snow gear,
they still had to make the hill longer and higher. After all, there are now plans to make rooms and windows and otter slides.

I'm just so happy to see the tradition of outside winter playtime, being passed down another generation. Our son is reliving his childhood with his boys. He's remembering the days and weeks that he, his brothers and cousins spent doing the exact same thing. Only difference was, they never had to push more snow in piles.
There was always at least 5 ft. of it to dig in. We did not even have a foot of it this winter, but it didn't stop them from creating their own fun.
Awwww, Life is Good.

I just know you all had a wonderful weekend too.
Thanks for stopping by and


Muffy's Marks said...

It was an awesome weekend. We had friends over on Saturday, and just hung out on Sunday, waiting for the game to start. Next year the game will be more exciting, because the Pack will be Back!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

We had one winter in the late 80's with three feet of snow here, and my boys had fun like this. Your post brought back that happy memory.

Paula said...

Wow this tunnel and fort is some serious business. How neat! Not such a good week-end but had to be done. Spent much of Saturday at church helping to serve a large family who lost a loved one.

IanH said...

There is nothing like a good snow fort or igloo to keep kids occupied for hours (adults too). Great photos!

www.FarmLifeLessons.blogspot.com said...

Such wonderful times to treasure. Playing in the snow is something special! We're in Texas, so we are near the bay, but not going to get anything but "freakish" snow.

It sure is a lot of fun to read about your adventures and to see the shots of everyone laughing.


jack69 said...

Yeah, Bill helped them cheat!!! The blue tractor was a real bonus this year.

What a thrill to have family continuinng the fun of generations.

I can only remember one time when it was so cold in NC that one guy had the nerve to put his car partly on a mill pond. the ice was 6" thick. Yeah I know that is nothing up there. hahahaha but we got a foot of snow a couple times in 70 years. hahahahaha
Love from down here.
Sherry & Jack

Love the entry and pictures and Grandma's narrative.

Love you girl, Great family fun entry!

Jill said...

Such wonderful family traditions being carried on. So sharing of fun. Great pictures, Dar!

You have more snow (and cold) then we do! Glad you're enjoying it and your walk looks wonderful!

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I really miss times like that, but I am glad that you are still able to experience them.

Fred Alton said...

WoW, Dar! How special that is that your son and grandsons can experience this wonderful outdoor fun. If I was there I would be right in the middle of the fun, slippin and slidin maybe, but I would enjoy it. Beautiful.

The Durrer Family said...

I absolutely love the photo of the fog lingering at the tops of the trees! And how fun to chase tracks in the snow... we find coyote, bird and our little dog prints on the dusty road near our house during the summer.
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