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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

On the Lighter Side

When will we see the end of the tunnel?
Now, I'm not talking about that snow tunnel that the GrandLoves are working on with their Dad, but the end to trials and tribulation?
One second things are good, sweet and lovely,
The next, we wonder, so what's next on the list?

I do declare, Sometimes I wish I were back in grade school and had not a care in the world. I would love just one day to be riddled with what color to paint the sky on a drawing, or whether to add an extra spoonful of sugar to my cereal.

To be perfectly honest with you, I do not know where this dribble is coming from.
All I know for sure is, I feel restless, distracted, dizzy. Heck, the whole family knows I'm dizzy!
Maybe that's it! Dizzy. I just got over with the flu, not even a bad case, but enough to make me dizzy. Dizzy enough to be asked, " What's Up, Chuck? "
I slept an entire day. I lost an entire day.

That's it, by golly. That has got to be it. I lost a day so now I feel like I missed something important.
Last week I spent 3 days down with my neck out of whack again. Now, I know I have to live with it unless I want to risk paralysis.
So that has got to be it. I missed a funeral that I most certainly should have attended, but it could not be helped.

I have not been able to be there for my own Mom lately, but my siblings are there when she needs them. That's such a good thing. I know they understand.
I did work her puzzle with her awhile today and we shared a laugh or two.
That's at least something.

I had been helping a neighbor friend with her grief and dealing with cancer.
It's stressful and painful for her, I know. I've seen what she goes through and this is her 3rd round. How much more can her tiny body handle, I wonder. I feel bad that I cannot be there for her right now, tho we talk often.

I am on one big pity party, so the buck stops here.
On the lighter side....what's on your bucket list?
I have always wanted to sky-dive. That's not going to happen.
I once thought I could carry a tune well enough to sing country.
That's not exactly true.
I am going to see to it that my family does not have anything to worry about.
( Tho, I know there will always be trials and tribulation.)

All I really want is to see my family and friends happy and that they know who their ' Keeper ' really is, ( they know it surely is not me,). They will be OK.
It's another sleepy evening. Give me wings.

Nighty Night and


jack69 said...

So, Iron Britches of the North IS human. The trial and tribulations do get to you. Yeah, and I would like to hug you right now, but I will let Bro. Bill handle that.
YOU are the anchor of the family, and sometimes the weight becomes heavy. Funny how LOVE finally WINS. No matter the head aches, the pain, the sorrow it is amazing what working a puzzle with mom could do for you.

Yeah, it is that danged thing of being human, forgetting the superman suit and getting caught in Kriptonite. But since you are really Super woman you will survive and all will be well with the world.
Love from down here where we cannot build the snow tunnel.(sigh)

Shug said...

Well...I'm certainly glad that you are feeling better from having the flu..but, it does sound as if you need some pampering. let me fix you a warm cup of tea, while you prop your feet up.
No, really....I think we all experience times like this. We always have those stinking trials hanging around. Since you like to sing, start singing wonderful praises to God...the ugly ol' enemy will start to flee...
Blessings sweetie and I hope your dizziness goes away soon...

Paula said...

Awww bless your heart. Feel better soon. I've always wished I could dress up western and sing with a band. Now why would I want that when I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Speaking of buckets I don't have a list. At my age I'm just thankful to hit the floor straight up and down each morning.

Lucy said...

Glad you are coming out of your flu or whatever it was. Dar, all I can say about ins. after retitement. It sucks.. The advantage plans for the elderly just have not increased their coverage. that is tough because the doctors are so expensive. Start saving and don't stop saving. So far it has deteriorated so much, for your sake have plenty of savigs.

Suz said...

Oh dear...you are in a bad way...this is tough to hear..but it is normal to hear...We are not getting any younger and it seems that all my freinds of a certain age are going through rough times...me included...But we must take care of ourselves...imdulge in taking care of OURSELVES..saying NO is a start..when we are too exhausted to m ove..or hurting too much to move...dont. putter...just putter around...let your being seek a pleasure however small...
Winter will soon be shrinking..
luv and hugs to you Dar..

Fred Alton said...

Hello, Sister Dar! What a good feeling it is to visit with spiritual family and to know that we are "all made one in Christ". Thanks for the prayers and the kind things you said on my blog. May the Lord Bless you and lift you up and make His face to shine on you and give you His peace.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sometimes life can feel so heavy--and we can feel so helpless. It's okay to feel that sadness and despair. I'm glad you've got faith in God to help you through these rough waters.
When I'm in these funks, I find solace in Psalms.