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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life Gets Tedious

Throughout my childhood and til Daddy rested at a better place, it was not unusual to hear him recite bits of poems and songs he had learned as a kid, himself.
One in particular, was heard on cold, miserable, bone-chilling days like we are having today.

This was an ol' Walter Brennan song and a few of the lyrics from " Life Gets Tedious, Don't It." Dad said that Old Minnie Pearl on Hee Haw was one that used to recite it on the "Grand Ol Opry". He'd say, to bring it out right, it s h o u l d n' t be rushed too much, kinda slow and easy with a little extra hesitation before the last line of each verse.

Dad would say that there could have been another verse or two, but this was about all his recollector had recorded.

Life Gets Tedious, Don't It

The sun comes up and the sun goes down,
Hands on the clock keep goin' around,
I just get up, and it's time to lay down,
Life gets tee-jus, don't it?

Mouse a-chawin' on the pantry door,
He's been at it a month or more,
When he gets through he'll shore be sore.
Ain't a durn thing in there.

Cow went dry and the hen's don't lay,
Fish quit bitin' last Saturday,
Trouble's pilin' up day by day,
Now I'm gettin' dandruff.

Hounddog a howlin' so forlorn,
Laziest dog that ever was born,
He's a -howlin' cause he's sittin' on a thorn,
Just too tired to move over.

Tin roof leaks and the chimney leans,
Wore a hole in the seat of my old blue jeans,
And I et the last of the pork and beans,
Just can't depend on nuthin'.

Debts and taxes, grief and woe,
Pains and misery and so it goes,
I think I'm getting a co'd in my no'd,
Life gets tasteless, don't it?

There are several more verses to this little ditty, but these are the ones that Dad recalled. We sure got a kick out of it when he'd start to recite this out of the blue. The room would get quiet and everyone lent an ear. I wonder, now, was that his way to hush all of us noisy kids. There were a bunch of us. It must have crowded him on an 'inside' day.

Anyway, today has started out to be one of those miserable, cold days when there will be no going outside. The wind is howling and the chill is far below zero, like minus 30. You know, the kind that freezes your nostrils and throat, forms icicles on your nose.

I think I'll go bake something chocolate.

Have a warm day. I'm drawing the drapes up to let the sun shine in.



Suz said...

but inside your being it is warm

I was thinking cupcakes myself too
..but got to watch those carbs

...pour me a spot of tea, will ya?

Fred Alton said...

Now that's the kind of good fun "talkin' blues" stuff my Daddy and my Uncle Fred used to do - while picking on their guitars. Loved those old timers. We must be kin of some kind. ☺

Arkansas Patti said...

I had never heard that before. Kind of country blues and blues always cheered me up.

Jill said...

I've never heard this before but I love it. Good memories!

~mel said...

I always liked the grin Mom would have when he got on a roll. He sure was a funny Dad. I'm missing him too; but we sure do have some great memories to cherish!

Dicky Bird said...

I remember watching HeeHaw - Sunday nights??? I might even remember Minnie Pearl singing this - thanks for the memories. Blessings from Ringle, WI - YES too cold to go outside (well, I have chores to do outside)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

mmm chocolate!
I'm baking bread, slow cooking some pork for tacos tomorrow night, the recipe is on my pinterst. Do you do pinterest?
Think I will fry some tenderloin for dinner and dry some cabbage.
Keep warm dear!

jack69 said...

This 'un is another winner Dar m'lady. I do love the old stuff that the old folk used to come up with. Dad had a couple. Even one for me called 'Jacktum e'yank tum'.

Never knew my grand pa too well, died to soon but my G-Grandpa stuck around. The tales around the 'far-place' eaten parched p-nuts.

Thanks Dar, I know Mr. O musta been something special.

Paula said...

I think your Daddy would have been an interesting man to know.

Cher' Shots said...

I love the stories, poems and songs Dad shared with us. Just keep on letting the memories fill up the void he left in our hearts. Missing him so much.
'love & hugs from afar'

Muffy's Marks said...

What a fun memory you have of your dad. Stay warm my friend. The fireplace is ablaze.