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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Food ? Good Intentions

Take a moment and drink in the glorious Sunrise.
As gray as what the days have been, there is always hope of sun throughout the day when we wake to such a beautiful sunrise.
However, we also have grown old and wise to the sense of humor our Lord has.
That Nor'Wester Clipper that was predicted did come in. We may have risen to a pretty sky but we also woke to snow drifts, most of which had to be pushed aside off the driveway and
shoveled from the decks and the roof.
Our kitchen roof, though new by a couple years, has been giving us considerable grief. We had the problem before re-roofing, insulating and venting, but still, we have ice build up on the roofs edge, to melt back about 12 ft. during the thaw and dripping through the insulation, down the peak, through the ceiling, down the cabinet, inside and out, over the counter top and leaving an unpleasant water puddle on the floor. I cannot get used to stepping in that cold puddle first thing in the morning on my way to the coffee pot before even turning the lights on.

Do you see the ice sheet on the left side of the roof Bill is shoveling?
Why is this happening, and why only on that corner? (not that I want it on another corner, too~heaven forbid!)
As usual, the cold that followed the snow always screams for some comfort food. I can take care of that, so I rolled up some Enchiladas for supper last night.
There were some tortillas left over so I turned them into homemade chips. A little sprinkle of olive oil, cheddar and garlic seasoning and a sprinkle of basil and toast in the oven for about 5-6 min. til toasty.
They turned out pretty good. At least, they didn't last very long.
A couple nights a week and on the nights and weekends Andy has the boys, our son gets to do the cooking. Mind you, this is not by his choice but it's just his turn. Ya live here, ya share the duties.

Anyway, tonight was his turn and he made burgers sandwiches with garlic bread. It doesn't look that bad, right? Well, take a closer look.
What do you see all over the top of the stove?
and in the pan,
and on this side of the stove,
What? is this a new condiment on the counter?
In all fairness, the burgers were fixed just perfect. He did not annihilate them, and the garlic toast was awesome. It was from a package that already had the butter and seasonings on it but he toasted it perfect~~not a single burnt edge. Once assembled, all was a feast for the tastebuds, ( once one got past the 'greasy spoon' my kitchen became.)

Oh, another thing! Why is it that once the guys clean up the kitchen?, it has to be done again! I will save that for later, so as not to offend! :/)

Now, For some Chocolate---
Brownie anyone?
Awwww, what a beauty of a sunset.
I think it means I will sleep fairly tonight.
Surely, we will wake to another glorious sunrise.
LoveYa'll and


Paula said...

John can't even warm anything up without making a mess.The mess wouldn't bother him either.

Chatty Crone said...

You all look cold! And may I say those brownies look good! sandie

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Sounds like a perfect weekendd.

Muffy's Marks said...

Yuk, that roof corner seems to be a pain in the keester. Men, neat, and kitchen are never in the same sentence. Hubby and my son are no different. Stay warm!!

TexWisGirl said...

you are evil showing all the food! :)

sorry about the roof problem and leak! yuck!

imac said...

From sunrise to snow blocks,
Your photos are also great shots.

Fred Alton said...

You had me LoL at the attempts we men make to "do" a meal. Sorry about that roof thing. Has to be a pain dealing with that every winter. But then you folks are very resourceful and I'm sure will find the best way of handling it. The burgers on toast sounded great - along with homemade chips - and THEN CHOCOLATE!!! Yeaaaaa!!!!!

jack69 said...

What a great entry. Love how you brag on us guys (?) hahahaha. We just try so hard, things leak out, can't be helped. HA!

I am sure that the roofs there are treated like the ones in Alaska. When we were driving thru the Kenai,my BIL volunteered me to do a small roof for a church addition. I had to learn a little. The first thing that had to be installed there, was a 3 or 4' stretch of 'Bitchathane' and it was a 'bitch'. It was adhesive, thick rubber and was stuck to the lower 3 or 4'(and everything else it touched!!!ha) of the roof.before the tar paper and roofing.
It appears your major problem is the pitch But it is there and when you have a situation you deal with it the best you know how. It looks like you have the most pitch you could get due to the 2nd floor windows. If there is a next time I would suggest rolled roofing. (??)! I am sure a Southern builder would be no help, but I do wish I was there to help Bill!

The food sounded GOOD! Love the pictures (except the ones pointing out....... you know).

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

They say a messy kitchen is the sign of a good cook -- at least, that's my story. :)

You really got walloped with the snow. Very pretty photography. :)