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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Busy, So Little Time

Working with the work horses this week and next
Will allow little time for what needs to be done
On my end.
Until later


Darla said...

Getting ready for old man winter I see.

Jill said...

Don't over do it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, We are back after taking a few weeks off from blogging. We are glad to be back --and we've missed you...

Now--it seems as if you are the very BUSY one... Take it easy!!!

Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Oh but think how cozy you are going to be when winter time gets here. And all of the food in the last post, you will be ready! Take care and we will see you when you get back.

Paula said...

Don't work too hard!

Fred Alton said...

I know you will feel very much loved and cared for in a few days when the snow is flying! Throw a couple logs on the fire and perk an extra pot of coffee, kick back and plan a harvest of venison. ☺

~mel said...

I wish we had a big ol' dump trailer like that and a tractor to pull it. We too have been plugging away at the firewood. We've been trying to haul out a load a day with the four wheeler and trailer. The woods is such a mess of downed trees from the tornado 2 years ago making it hard to navigate around some of the places. Oh but we'll be so cozy warm in our wood heated homes come winter:)

Susan said...

Hard work indeed! Enjoy the fruits of your labours.

jack69 said...

Okay Blogger I'm throwing something!!!
Back again. I know Bill is proud of the dump and the loader. You are too.
Don't push too far now, Much better to be on top of the snow than below it.

Love ya, Hugs to Bill (and Sy)

Clint said...

Have fun! And hurry back!

Suz said...

gosh it seems you did this already

...but think of the snuggles that are to come

Shug said...

Hi Dar...gosh, it seems like forever since I have been here...Sorry! For some reason, I could not connect to your blog. That is fixed now..
Bless your heart, you all are working hard. Looks like plenty of firewood..
Blessings Sweetie,

Dar said...

Thanks all for stopping by~
About 12 of these loads aught get us thru our cold, hard winter up north~
We have been busy~
I've been anxious to get back here to see what you all are up to for fall.

imac said...

Busy little Bees,lol.
Great shots and post by dear friend.