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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Killing Frost/Killing Time

What a frosty couple of mornings we had just before the weekend.
NO, That is NOT the 'S' word stuff, it is FROST!
The sun trying to melt it off early in the morning, was rather pretty.
I can't say I'm looking forward to the long cold winters we usually have, but I didn't mind the help cleaning out the gardens to get ready for it.
Another couple more pails of ripe Plum Tomatoes produced~
half a dozen quarts of canned tomatoes and freshly made tomato soup to go with our toasted cheese sandwiches....oh, my, so good.
My garden helpers moved from one garden to another,
A bucket full of Buttercup (my favorite) and Butternut Squash,
a variety of gourds and a few pumpkins for the punkins'.
the last of the Beet Greens, another favorite of the family~
Cylindra Beets so large that they were as long__________
as the clothes basket was wide...
That center beet also was as long and wide as Andy's size 14 boot~
but still unbelievably and naturally sweet, all 16 quarts of them!
It was a pitiful year for onions, oh so
small and few~
the squash and pumpkins are safe from any more
killing frost in the barn until I can get to them~
tomorrow~~~after more canning.
We are finally winding down.
The only thing left in the gardens, are
more and more and more
and my Rosemary plant that needs protection.

soon I will be able to get back to the needs of the house,
a few painting projects,
chairs to refinish and a couple of trunks.

until next time,
thanks for stopping and making my day.
Do take time to enjoy the fall that is in the air,


TexWisGirl said...

wow. it was still 94 here today. far from frost weather...

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so good. Those beets are big!!

Sunny said...

Dar, you are making me hungry.. and its too late at night to eat :) Love the pictures of your garden veggies! Did you ever grow parsnips? One of my favorites, my dad used to grow them.

Cher' Shots said...

The ground was so white with frost that at first glance out the window I was startled, thinking could that possibly be the dreaded 'S' word?? Thank heavens it was just frost! We've got the garden cleaned out except for turnips and a small patch of swisscard still hanging on. Your garden did so much better than ours this year, due to more rain. Cute pics of the harvesters.
'love & hugs from afar'

Cher' Shots said...

p.s. YES the mixed vegetables in my pics on the blog are pickled.

Jill said...

Your produce is amaazing. I've never seen such huge beets! And the tomatoes...well..they've left my mouth watering.

Mike said...

Pretty nice harvest there.
Not that I'd want to wish anything on anyone but, you are more than welcome to take all our cold weather. Course, ours is nothing like your'n. But still, you're welcome to it. It could be a warm day for you. ; )

Fred Alton said...

Oh My G-oodness! Never have seen beets that large anywhere. You all are real farmers. Thankful that the frost helped you cleaning those weeds out of the garden.

Darla said...

That frost make me shiver! Love seeing the pumpkins and the punkins!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such a harvest! Looks lovely!

Kay said...

Wow, frost already? Love fall don't you?


Cicero Sings said...

Your frost was amazing. Brrrr. We haven't had a killing frost yet ... not even a frost yet. I've most of the garden in ... just a few carrots to go. My potatoes were SO disappointing ... small and few ... like your onions.

I made some green tomato mincemeat with my green tomatoes ... do you make that too I wonder?