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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Remember those beautiful Whitetails from a few days ago?
Well, they have been in the field every morning and evening for the past couple of weeks. The graze in the fields is nourishing them for our upcoming fall. The hazy look of the grass is actually dew.
(Please click on any photo for a close-up look)
Also, do you remember the gorgeous Black Cherries~

picked from the trees in the wild woods~
They produced these pretty jars full of the sweet
Black Cherry Jelly~
What a treat on a scoop of ice cream or hot buttered toast~
There are those deer again~
Fall is not here yet, but it sure is starting to show signs~
Warm days, cool nights,
Dark moving in earlier,
Still dark at 6 in our mornings~
Cedar cones forming~
There's that bunny again, filling her belly with clover to fatten her with warmth for these cooling evenings~ already~
The tent caterpillars don't have a chance to destroy the foliage if they are spotted~we lost 2 apple trees and many yellow birch trees, probably to this ones cousins.
The late summer, invasive, Pickerel Weed dots the shoreline with it's lavender hue~
The White Pine Cones tumble down an erosion ditch near the lake~
The New York Asters show off everywhere, ditches, field edges, along woods trails, highways and byways~
They are a lovely sight to see~
Eye Candy~!
Not wild, but stopping traffic as we passed through a side road from the lake towards home~Yes
Peacocks of which there were 3~
The Partridge Berries will soon turn bright red for the birds to savor before the snows fly~~~
(man, I did not say the ' s ' word, did I?)
Summer is so short in north central WI
the minnows even look like they are searching for a warmer place to prepare~
prepare for what's coming, sooner than later~
The little Chickadees that brave all of our 4 seasons, have been busy tucking seeds wherever they can~
and, last, but not at all touching all of our nature friends,
the Admiral Butterfly is enjoying the Dogwood Berries~
I wonder if they also make Jam?
Thanks for walking along with me.
With summer lasting only a few short months,
we take in all we can,
saving it in our jars, our freezers,
our Minds,
dreaming of yet another joyful summer~



Jill said...

Love the look of your wonderful jelly. Great pictures!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

These are lovely images of late summer and the natural world, that time when, whatever, thoughts slowly move towards the year's end.

As for your Black Cherry jelly, we should certainly not pass that up at any time. How wonderful on fresh roll at breakfast.

Clint said...

You live in a wonderland. Beautiful shots---thank you!

jack69 said...

Good to walk with such a knowledgable person. I wish I could remember it all. Hey I can remember the deer and peacock, and the wooley worm. Down here folks predict the weather by the wooley worm. I think opur BR Boomer has the best predictor though, the fog marble thing.
Oh yeah, I thought you were introducing the first snow of the year with that heavy dew.
Love ya, the jam looks great.
Sherry & Jack

we are down here wondering about Irene and our new RV Port. Once every 50 years of so one makes it this far in, they are predicting this one staying East though.
At least we just got a little 'bump' from the earth quake.

TexWisGirl said...

a short but very sweet summer for you!

Fred Alton said...

Oh My!!! What wonders are all around you in mother nature. Those tent caterpillars make wonderful fishing bait too. And I see two freezers full of deer meat; fresh jam; even rabbit ready for making stew. ☺

Louise said...

You caught me up for a moment, because I didn't know that Pickerel Weed was an invasive. Then, I got your meaning. It's a native plant, but it can run rampant in certain places, thus invasive in that sense.

That was a lovely walk. You found some beautiful plants and animals along the way.

A Quiet Corner said...

Although I hate the heat & humidity, the garden gave us a lot this year too! Next year, in CT, we're already making plans to enjoy the seasons!...:)JP

George said...

Thanks for sharing your late summer with us. I only wish you could share some of that jelly through a post as well. I think you have even more deer around than we do, but you can keep them. Our deer munched on our roses last night.

imac said...

You have been busy my friend, wonderful post.

madcobug said...

Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed every bit of it. Helen

Paula said...

All very nice but especially the peacock. In San Antonio we lived very near the San Jose Mission and they had peacocks on the grounds at that time. I loved to hear them holler and then the mission bells were wonderful too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

As much as I don't care for the heat, this summer has passed very quickly... I'll be thrilled to see Fall get here --with some cooler temperatures... Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons --but I love winter also!!!!

Great set of photos.

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Great shots! I especially love the bunny and catipillar. I'm impressed.