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Friday, August 26, 2011

Going, Going, Gone

When the garden is overflowing with produce~
And the canning is in great supply~
and the cake is baked~
and the cake is cooled~
We take samples with us~
We sit a spell around our children's table~
And watch God's Graceful Sky over Their horizon~
While there~
We will embrace Grandlove hugs~
Daughter hugs and laughter~
Son-in-law handshakes~
Many giggles and grins~
And walks around their acres!

We will return renewed by a short reprieve~
From full fall-like days of more harvesting~
More daycare before school starts~
More daily worries and concerns!

We will continue to pray for those in need~
And do our best to share ourselves~

We will drink in the cooler weather~
Mow the lawn one more time~
Drain the pool and store it for our next summer~
We will get the cabin ready for fall visits~

One day at a time~
We will continue our routine~
Until we are no longer meant to~
So, until next time~

Stay safe, travel safe~
Like a verse of a country song~
Don't let your praying knees get lazy~
An amazing weekend to you~




Buttons said...

Oh I do love this. B

Ruta said...


jack69 said...

I hit the wrong button, my entry disappeared, and a new face came up.
This is an absolutely beautiful entry. That family love and appreciation for God's loove comes thru.
Love it. Enjoy to your hearts content. Have a great weekend.....

Paula said...

Bless your heart too and have a good week-end.

Jill said...

Bless YOUR loving heart!

~mel said...

So when did you go all poetic and mushy? Ha... I'm the sister I can ask that! Sounds like you're taking another weekender by the kids. Tell them HI ... safe travels.

Darcie said...

Hi to you too Aunt Mel. ;) Hugs from afar. Can't wait to taste that produce Mom. It's always the best. :)

Love ya, See ya soon.


Skeeter said...

So nice!

Leontien said...

this is great! love your writings and i liked the canning!!!


LivingInAurora.ca said...

And this is why I love fall. Thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us. Anna :)

imac said...

Wonderful post.

Cher' Shots said...

Looking good, sounding wonderful!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

How very nice, this entry. I love it.

Kay said...

Hi Dar,
Can't go hiking. No one around to go with. Linda is in Indiana right now and she is my only hiking partner. Plus we never hike in 105 degree weather. It's too hot and the rattlesnakes are out. So I just sit at home and watch TV. I don't hike alone anymore. I did when Ben was alive, but he never liked the fact that I was out in the canyons alone, so now out of respect for his memory, I do not hike alone anymore.

Anne Fannie said...

Beautiful post!

Friko said...

Thank you for this beautiful post straight from life.
stay happy and well, and live each day fully.

Paula said...

Ooooh~ sounds like you're in for a wonderful visit with some very special people! Hope you have a wonderful time!
And yes, Fall is in the air here too...