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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UuuAww, Funnin', etc.

Besides a few fireworks over the weekend to thank our servicemen here and abroad for their dedication to keep us free, we filled our weekend with more., like
showing off flexibility since Ty Kwon Do, you go big guy! I used to be able to do that AND the splits, both ways...I Said USED TO!
A little star gazing and howling at the moon. I CAN still do that!
The fruit trees, deer vulnerable plants and flowers, received a good spraying of an organic deer, rabbit, elk deterrent. Not a single elk has bothered the trees since. This organic concoction consists of dried bovine and hog blood that is mixed with warm water, strained, then sprayed on our plants. Has your gag reflex been triggered yet? Any volunteers? What a messy job.
I did the mixing and the gagging, Bill did the spraying.
" This is pretty heavy Dad. How do I do this? "
First, you tie the kite to a musky fishing rod. Then you stay away from any power lines and the instructions say to be at least 3 miles from the nearest airport. Hmmm, we might not fit into that requirement.
Then we RUN, RUN, RUN, Son !!!
( Grandma CANNOT do that anymore. )
Of course, there was some splish-splashing going on. I even did that!
And tractor rides around the yard with Grandpa.
More splashing,
with a funny cousin!
Of course, there were a few garage sales, unsuccessful except for these handsome brass duck bookends. They were perfect for my guide books.
But, my favorite find of all, were these succulents in a basket, for a mere buck.
They are left, Woolcott's Variety and right, Collectors Anchisi.
How cool to find these. At the Succulent Greenhouse, they would be at least $7.00 for each of this size. Makes me happy.
So, garage sales, tag sales, any sale,
I CAN still do that!
Besides the fun, this long weekend, was actually a very busy work weekend for us. Bill finished splitting and piling another 3 cords of firewood, we mowed and weed-wacked 2 lawns and half a food plot, edged the entire yard with weed killer. The tattered, rotten corral fence came down and more mowing was done. The long grasses behind the barn were knocked down and boulders were moved, making way to get to the back of the wood shed. There is firewood there, that has not been used for at least 6-7 years. The stinging nettle behind the barn and along the cabin driveway, were sprayed. All three of the gardens were hoed and the potatoes were hilled.
Somewhere in there, we had a fresh caught catfish and walleye feed thanks to my brother and our nephew who did the catching. When they called to see if they could fry them here, of course, the answer was YES.
I CAN still do that!
All in all, it Was a long weekend. I AM exhausted but it is the good kind of exhaustion. I had to laugh this morning when Bill said, " Why don't you rest up today." OK, Honey, I CAN do that! LOL, now THAT was funny, Honey!

Here's wishing you all a great week of things that YOU can STILL DO.


texwisgirl said...


that mixture sounds nasty! could never use anything like that around here because my dogs would ROLL in it! :)

Leontien said...

Good kind of exhaustion is never the wrong kind ;-)

Glad you had a busy but good weekend and i really did like your pics of the fire works!


Suz said...

oh dear..does th man know what a good woman he has...mixing bloods
oh my
But glad you had a great day like I did
and with such grateful hearts for such a gift of this freedom

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Dar, Sounds like you and your family had a great holiday weekend.... We did too---but didn't do much (our choice after the huge trip). We did put some steaks on the grill --which were wonderful!!!!

We use Liquid Fence to keep the deer away --and even though it stinks at first, the smell doesn't linger long. AND--it works!!!!! Thanks be to God.

Have a great evening.

jack69 said...

Great entry, especially the show off Sy, legs where arms supossed to be!!!HA! As long as the mixture saves the plants and trees I know you can do that!!!!

Great entry, fun for all and then rest for THEE! The fish fry sounded best, I am missing some fresh fish. We go next week, maybe we will have some luck.

Bill is a show off onthe tractor, it even looked clean! shoot!

Love from down here!
Sherry & jack

Jill said...

Seems like a nice mix of hard work and hard playin'! Glad you had a good time. Now do get some rest.

Cher' Shots said...

I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to. We had a super fun week with Simynda, Summer and Taylor. Fun but a 'good exhaustion.' Then we spent the weekend and the 4th with all the kids and grandloves. WONDERFUL time!
'love & hugs from afar'

~mel said...

Is that the mix the Amish gal gave you? She asked me the last time I saw her if you had tried it yet and how it was working out for you. Is that a powder or a liquid that you mix with water? I'll have to give you a call and get some details on that stuff ~ I might be wanting to try it out. Usually when we road trip to the south we always stop in at Morning Glory Farms and I might get a batch of it:) ~ I don't want no buggers eating on my trees either.

~mel said...

me again ... haha on the elk eating on your trees ~ like there's a herd of them near by

Darla said...

What a great weekend! Big score on your basket container.

Lucy said...

You had a fun time even if the deer repellent was gross. Hope the deer find it just as gross. Good buy on the hens and chicks. I had so many for so long. and gradually they disappeared. If I remember right they were left out one night when it froze. Like your bookends.