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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sedum, Succulents and More

Good Morning World!

Meet Red Lion. When I first brought him home, his mane was completely born of burgundy, very deep burgundy. Now that he has rested in the full sun awhile, tho his mane is growing, he is getting a glint of green throughout. I wonder if he would keep his deep colors longer if planted in the shade, even tho he is a sun lover? Does Anyone have the answer?
Before I show you the rest of my early start at growing sedum and succulents, I want to show you my son's ' new to him, ' 20" cut, lawn mower. I remember pushing one of these around an acre of lawn at the farm when I was a kid. His lawn is about three swaths wide, barely enough to break a sweat. Lucky for him, but I would much rather take my lawn which takes 3 hrs. to mow with a 42" cut rider.
One good thing about this model is, no gas, no emissions, no noise.
What would you rather have?
We also are trying a different kind of bird seed. Normally, I feed small oil sunflower seed, thistle (niger) seed and safflower seed. This has all of those within the mix, plus a lot of unfamiliar to me, stuff. We will see if the birds clean it up or if I am planting a new wild flower garden under the feeders. What kind of seed do you feed?
OK, here we go with the Sedum/Succulent stroll. The first is
Snow on the Mountain with an unknown pink-edged sedum. Does anyone know the name of this one?
Click on any of the photos for an up-close view.
Sedum Fulda Glow about to flower
Sedum Ellacambium also about to bloom
Purple Emperor Stonecrop recommended by my niece Staci. Thanks young lady, for the tip. She said that the more sun it gets, the darker it gets. Staci belongs to a garden club, so she aughta know. Hmm. It's at the south side of the garage in full all day sun.
Elizabeth. Her delicate ways remind me of my GrandLove down south.
I love this gal.
Delasperma Nubiganum, phew, what a 'handle,' with it's tiny beads.
Coral Carpet is lightly scented with it's tiny white stars.
Averil or Pacific Teddy
This fella has fur all over it so I am hoping I am right on the Pacific Teddy, furry like a teddy bear. It did not have an ID tag. Time will tell.
Last, but not the last that I have, is Angel Wings. Another favorite as she spreads her wings and grows and grows baby angels.
Do you have any sedum or succulents? I would love to see them and learn more about growing these. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. So far, I have only lost one to the elements, our bitter cold winters.

I have a couple of hillsides I would love to tier with succulents, that is, if I can keep dear Bill and his tractor and bucket off of them. He seems to have grander plans, green grass. I have tried to convince him that it would mean more mowing. He would have to get his own ' reel push mower, ' too. I need all you guys to convince him that a hillside of colorful ground cover would be a much wiser way to go, and pretty
' handsome, ' too! It would also mean, no more erosion!

For some reason, if the suggestion comes out of a man's mouth, usually, it becomes his own idea and a good one. Help!
No offense taken, I hope. We gals know you fellas mean well.
Love you all.

Thanks for stopping and


Danielle Cleveland said...

I am super pumped to get our new mower! Andy and Nate thought I was crazy when I mentioned the idea, but now Andy is on board with it! Beautiful garden picks!

Jill said...

Love all of your succulents! I have a few around here but the only one I can name is the Hens and Chicks. I'm terrible with tracking names of plants.

Lucy said...

Love all of your flowers but the only one I know and I may not be right on that, are hens and chicks. I went out and rubbed my fingers on the one you said might be mint but I did not get a mint smell, but that may be normal. Whatever it is will stay there until the barrel either fills with my plant or the barrel falls apart.

Clint said...

I also have some wonderful chicks and hens growing in my front yard. I love 'em.

imac said...

Nice shots, we have a couple of them too.

Ruta said...

Beautiful garden photos! I love the succulents but only have hens and chicks here.

A Quiet Corner said...

I too have quite a few varieties of sedum. However, I can't tell you their names. I do LOVE the push mower...:)JP

Farmchick said...

I only have Hens and Chicks and have quite a few of those. Yours looks great.

jack69 said...

All I can say is I will accept the noise and pollution, cause I pushed one of those buggers around. You did NOT let the grass get too high or you cried.

Okay of all the photos, I recognized a mama hen and her chicks (or something like that). hahahaha

Love you and the best to you all.

Cher' Shots said...

It was great being home this past week. This posting will sure come in handy when I forget what I've planted in the line of sedums ;)
'love & hugs from afar'