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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

We 3 took a road trip today, over the river and through the woods,
Past the roadside lupines of many colors,
From varied pinks,
to purples and whites,

each one as beautiful as the next.
Soon, we were welcomed
by the Cable Garden Fest Greeter
where there were a number of workshops,
and plant sales for everyone.
We were entertained with Mountain Music,
taught to play the Mt. Dulcimer
(but I couldn't get those gorgeous lupines growing wild and free along the roadside, off my mind)
while learning about new and rare succulents such as this Ruffled Beauty. I do not recall her real name.
Ladies and gents were learning the art of making stepping stones with broken pottery and china.
There were also vendors scattered about the grounds selling their wares,
while we walked the paths that had beauty around every corner.
There were beds of Purple Iris,
Pacific Knight? with it's lush blooms
My sister Mel and her daughter, Staci, are about to step down my future steps tucked between with Weihenstephaner sedum, an excellent ground cover seen everywhere on these grounds.
and Mel's future waterfall. I'd like one too, but would first, have to build a hill, well within sight.
The Big Brook Greenhouse ships all over the world. These are just a few of their mail-order beauties.
It had just rained and the Lady's Mantle were showing off.
The Hypertufa planters were bursting with ' pretties,'
two young ladies were welcoming us to the plant sales,
I'd love one of these hosta's, either a Big Daddy or a Sum and Substance.
The shrubbery was as lush as ever with new growth,
every turn down every path showed promises
of what a hard working, dedicated gardener could do.
The greenhouse of annuals screamed color,
more Hypertufa planters shared companion plantings,
water features were outstanding,
as well as the flowering baskets.
There was even a low sedum with daisy-like flowers called the Delasperma Nubegina. I forgot to get one, but Staci didn't.
Even the rooftop of the faux outhouse had a full headdress of sedums.
I wonder if Bill will let me do this on the cabin roof?
There were busts waiting for a head of hair, maybe a Voodoo plant of red tendrils would be perfect.
Mel and Staci look pretty cute under the arbor. Do you think they are eyeing up the structure to have their hubbies build them one? I know better than to dream quite that big.

Another sedum I forget the name of, but once again, Staci has one.
The white flowers on the silver foliage of this Snow of Summer smelled like vanilla beans. I already had this one, but never in flower. Maybe this year. It's scent carried across the yard.
The trip to the greenhouse an hour away, was so worth the ride. Good company and great fun. But wait, there's more.
On the way home, we turned around to go back to another greenhouse, of which I regret not taking a few pictures. We pulled into the yard of a torn down place with a couple of homemade greenhouses and wondered if we might get lucky with better prices. It was a bit better, but not by much. I loaded up with more plants anyway. Above and below are the purchases of the day from both greenhouses~~~ and I thought I was done potting plants.
I swore I was not buying Coleus of any kind this year, and lookie here. Don't ask me what they are. It's raining out and that answer will have to wait. They are irresistible tho.
We lunched on the way over the river and through the woods, compliments a bag lunch of homemade subs and sweet teas from Staci. On our way home we needed sustenance once again and stopped for ice cream, a single scoop which was really two nice sized scoops in a large waffle cone. What flavor, you ask? None other than,
' The Honeymoon's Over.'
Vanilla ice cream full of big Chocolate Chips, nuts, Brownies and swirls of Chocolate sauce. What a way to hit the road.

I hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did. I just knew the wood-splitting could wait.

Have a wonderful Sunday.
Remember where all the beauty comes from, thank God, and


Jill said...

I saw fields of lupines like that the other day and didn't stop to take pictures. I so wish I had. Thanks for sharing yours. I love the sedums of the roof of the faux outhouse. Looks like the perfect day!

texwisgirl said...

i would have asked to be let out by the lupines while everyone else went ahead to the gardening show - just pick me up on the way back for ice cream. :)

Paula said...

I bet Bill with let you dress up the cabin roof since he could use his boy toys to put the dirt up there, you think? Nice day trip you had.

Cher' Shots said...

what a fantastic journey ~ just another one of those times I wish we lived closer!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

That is the prettiest entry I have seen in a while. Am going to head for the recliner. Knee is getting better but I sure can't wait to say I am completely over the bad knee and Joe Won't watch me like a hawk.

Louise said...

My goodness! Those lupine! They don't grow like that around here, but I sure wish that they did. Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful day, one that you'll remember for a long time.

Cicero Sings said...

The day looks a right treat for the eyes - a lovely outing. Those lupines really are outstanding.

~mel said...

... wasn't that ice cream so appropriately named!! I thought my blood sugar was going to be through the roof after eating that; but surprisingly it was okay. Good thing I did a lot of walking and got some exercise yesterday.

~mel said...

Dar~ on that "promise" shot ... it's little and far off and only YOU think bad of it ... so please don't hold it against me:) It's not a bad picture!!!